[ SOLVED ] Error code (0x000007b) On Windows PC

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Have you ever met an error code (0x000007b) when running the software on Windows-based PC.such as windows xp, 7, 8 and 8.1. If yes. its means that you are experiencing the same thing with me. at that time I will post inventory check export data to excel with the extension xls. suddenly show the error message "The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b). Click OK to close the application". And then the software suddenly was closed and my input data was lost.

I was finding out how to overcome its through google search engine. Finally I found it. I have been practice and managed to overcome and now never error again.  
Here's how:

  1. Download Fix error code (0x000007b) zip file below, then extract. It contained 5 files "mfc100.dll, mfc100u.dll, msvcr100.dll, msvcp100.dll and msvcr100_clr0400.dll".
  2. Copy and paste (replace) all its dll files to "C: \ Windows \ System32".
  3. Restart PC
  4. finished.

Download FIx Error Code (0x000007b)

NOKIA X2DS Error Device Not found on adb Devices

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 NOKIA X2DS Error Device Not found on adb Devices
During the process of installing playstore or do anything else related to the use adb function in android device that is connected to the PC with the USB debugging mode. find the problem" device not listed" or device not found. it make not respond to the execution.

To check the connection between the PC to the device is connected properly. Well when we type the command "adb devices" if the response device not listed and the process was stopped. Nokia x2 driver is not installed correctly.
There are two steps to resolve this matter.

1. press point 1 on to install the drivers.

2 please go to C: \ Users \ (your username) \ .android then locate the file adb_usb.ini. right click -> edit. and then enter the code 0x0421 and save. or you can download adb_usb.ini. then input into a folder as above. if there is an existing file warning. click replace.
 After that restart your PC.

Well, Do not forget to enable USB debugging on Nokia X2DS

Whats Next ? #Nokia in 2016

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After the acquisition is completed. around mid-2016, Nokia plans to re-enter the mobile market. Although this time may not produce a Nokia smartphone until the specified time limit. but Nokia could just released smartphones today through third parties such as foxconn factory that has made Nokia N1, the first of Nokia's tablet based on Android.

Whats Next ? #Nokia in 2016

The latest rumors are quoted from Recode, sourced from Nokia Technologies. one of the three divisions of Nokia which has more than 10,000 licenses, Nokia will enter the mobile phone consumer market. but it also will enter the virtual reality market. and will face competitors Samsung and HTC.

Nokia N1 is the result of the division. Grant a license to foxconn but still using the Nokia brand. With a design made by Nokia. Well reportedly latest products precisely two new products namely mobile and virtual reality will be a new round of rise of Nokia. we'll wait. Whats Next? #NOKIA

WhatsApp Voice Call Availabe On Nokia X Family

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After Whatsapp has been try limited of Voice Call feature. Now its official announcement and can be used and availabe  for android smartphone base include Nokia X Family
WhatsApp Voice call has been Availabe On Nokia X Family

How to get this feature? we don't need to invite other user which is voice call feature activated. You just need to install the latest update todays. you can get its via Whatsapp official website or Google playstore ( if its has been installed google play service and Play Store.)

How to Install Google play please go to :
how to use it? Well The main menu of WhatsApp is 3 Tab.They are calls, chat and Contact. call tab content is history call log. you may choose contact and tap phone icon to calling. 

Make sure both device was installed latest version of Whatsapp for Voice call work 100%. Now adays whatsapp call is available for all Android base include Nokia X platform. For iOS its still releases for some week future. for other platform like BB 10 and WP. untill now not official announcement .

HERE App Release New update for LUMIA Windows Phone

HERE App Release New update for LUMIA Windows Phone

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Two Weeks ago digital maps aplication HERE was released new update for Microsoft LUMIA windowsphone. This update for increase performance and repair some bugs for login and sync favorited place. its also update all application feature like HERE Maps, Here Drive+, HERE Transit and City Lens.
View image on Twitter @here
This Article is Quoted from twitter HERE Account @here .
" Stability improvements and favorite synchronization bug fixes coming to a Windows Phone Store near you ".

To quickly access download its via Windowsphone store please click some Apps Link Below :

Install Play Store On Nokia X and XL V New Update

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Now. PlayStore can be install to Nokia X platform device like Nokia X , XL X+ with Nokia X platform tool software. although it has been update firmware to V1.2.4.1. many person have face problem with the driver, its was not detected the device as adb while the usb debugging has been activated. 
Don't worry with above problem, i had solved that. you could follow the tutorial at Fix Error Update Driver Nokia X Platform V ok, we can continues to install playstore without any problem. 
you must download tool what we need :
1.Download dan install Nokia X Manager new version here
2.Download Nokia X USB Driver here, then extract in One folder
3.Download GApps for Nokia X here (DO NOT Extract after download finish )

Installation :
  1. Install nokia x driver that you have downloaded above.
  2. Install Nokia X Manager.
  3. Run Nokia X Manager and the click Install ADB Driver.
  4. Active USB debugging and then Plug the device to your PC with USB cable and make sure Nokia X manager can be detect the device. it will detect automatically if the driver is installed successfly.
  5. If device has detected > click Install Gapps > it will show notification that gapps is not include the software > click OK > you will be redirected to windows file manager > choose the Gapps.zip that you have dowmloaded above
This tutorial is focused to use sync of google account like contact, calendar and message
Perhaps any App install from playstore may not compatible with nokia x.
please wise with root activity
DWYOR (Do With Your Own Risk)!
Root activity can be lost guaranteed of device.

well. if you still confuse you can follow this tutorial video below. please watch carefully. if you face problem.i will already help you. you can contact me at Contact US
Note : if your browser not support to view video below you can go here

Fix Error Update Driver Nokia X Platform V

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I think, Nokia was not released the update driver adb for new firmware of the Nokia X platform V1.2.4.1. Because when we update it with new firmware, the driver adb was installed become not work. it can not be detect the device as adb or USB debugging has activated.

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Fix Error Update Driver Nokia X Platform V

I have googling and found the solution. there are any people have made unofficial driver so we must install it manually. But when installation , we will facing problem that caused by the Windows pc has been protected from unofficial drivers or unsign driver and it will be show error message "its detected as malware and harmfull can damage the PC".

well. the previous atricle i was promise to make an article about how to install driver Nokia X Platform v1.2.4.1. Now, this article is done. OK. don't waste the time !  i will explain step by step below.

You may follow these tips carefully for 100% work :

1. Disable Unsign Verification for driver on your PC.
This step is important things before you install driver. because without this step. the driver will not be able to installed.

In windows 8 and 8.1, you can follow my tutorial video please go to How to Disable Driver verification

2. Download Driver Nokia X platform v1.2.4.1 

On the he previous article i have share it check it out at  Download Driver Nokia X Platform new update .

3. You might Install the driver manually

After you have to do at step 1 and 2 . its time to follow step 3. install its manually from device manager on windows PC. For more clear this step i have make the tutorial video. Please go to   SOLVEDUpdate driver adb Nokia X XL V 1.2.4

Driver Nokia X Platform V New Updated

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Nokia X Platform supoort just like stopped so the official Driver adb was not release after New Update firmware V1.2.4.1 Nokia X Platform. In Official site just release old driver so the smartphone was detected only as MTP mode and PTP mode. its can not detected while the USB debugging activated.
Driver Nokia X Platform V New Updated

Now. I want to share to you the new update driver Nokia X Platform V1.2.4.1. i was  search googling and found the unofficial driver and i did it. the smartphone was detected as adb device and can be detected when USB debugging was activated. you must install it manually from device manager on windows PC.

The next article, i will write how to update adb driver manually and fix error when install its. because the driver is un official so the windows pc will detect as malware and show attention harmfull device.

Well. you can download the driver Nokia X Platform v1,2.4.1 new update please click DRIVER NOKIA X UPDATED .

Dual Tricks To Fix No Connection Error Playstore On Nokia X2 DS

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Many User OF NOKIA X2DS had Face problem " No Connection Error" with Their Playstore installed On NOKIA X2 Dual SIM. Its error happen after the phone was restart. i do not know why this happen.

Read More ; Install Google Playstore On Nokia X2DS Without error Connection with new tool
Dual Tricks To Fix No Connection Error Playstore On Nokia X2 DS

I have two trick to fix this problem. but its not permanen solved. but its may help to fix the problem even not permanen. well. you do not need to root your smartphone and also install any application. i think this error caused by syncronize account from google was installed from the preload application when its update to new frimware and Google Account was install with playstore.

The google account was installed from firmware update its only sync contacts. and not include app data and othe google features. i think this may cause conflict.

well. even this temporarely fix. until found permanen fix. so this trick can be do it by yourself.

1. Install Both Google Account from Settingthis is my experience. i have try this when the phone was restart its never face no connection error. but today its error back. So the step to di this. i have made tutorial video for clear step by step. you can see this please go to

Fix Play Store No Connection Error On Nokia X2 Dual SIM .

2. You must remove previous Google account and re login.

ok. like what i am type above its have both google account. You must remove google acount was installed with google playstore and then re sign in from playstrore.

For Clear step by step you may see tutorial video ti do this please go to
2nd Ways Playstore No Connection Error NOKIA X2
Effect of Long Time Usage LED Flash  as Flash Light

Effect of Long Time Usage LED Flash as Flash Light

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Many applications in google playstore to turn on the LED flash as a flashlight. In the use of a long time usage whether to make the LED flash quickly broken.

Effect of Long Time Usage LED Flash  as Flash Light

Indeed function LED flash lights embedded in smartphones is to help the lighting when taking pictures and the light up just a flash together with image capture by the camera. There is also a smartphone that it can activate the LED flash in video record mode. but not much help lighting. So from here can be known ability of a LED flash is not designed to light up continuously for a long time.

To become damaged it could happen if the use of LED lights flash too long until it increases the temperature of LED lights, reduce performance such as reduced levels of light and color changing lights. It is often encountered in professional camera flash lamp has a lifespan and a limited use.

So. we must be wise in the use of LED lights flash. Use it as a flashlight for emergency only.
Is True Android Device Must be Installed Anti-Virus?

Is True Android Device Must be Installed Anti-Virus?

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Are you still hesitate to install anti-virus on your android device. Considered the virus in android device is not as severe and as many viruses on the PC that could cause device performance becomes sluggish and steal user data.
gambar: smartphone malware
For devices with the operating system, then we ought to protect the anti-virus. This is to protect the device from viruses, malware, or other system that can damage the Smartphone, spying on Smartphone or even take the personal data stored on the Android smartphone.

The greater Android smartphone users, it more potential attack virus / malware, with a variety of losses that can override the user. As we know the latter often found trojans, malware known to infiltrate our Android devices, which can be entered through a file or files downloaded from the internet application that we install.

You also have to be good at having an existing anti-virus applications. adjust to the specifications of our android device. In order not to reduce the performance of the device because take the resource is too big.
Solution Downloading Large Files on Android Device

Solution Downloading Large Files on Android Device

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Have you ever experienced a large file download more than 1 GB or more and have always failed. And you try to do things on your phone for example Rooted it.
Solution downloading large files on your Android device
Well. The solution of it all you can try to activate the tethering feature or make-portable hotspot on your android device. Then can download it via the PC or laptop.

The second solution, if you still want to download via the Android smartphone. You can use third-party applications such as uTorrent or UC Browser can be downloaded through google apps playstore or download the apk installer.

Based on the experience I had. The downloading process will be more stable when using both applications on top of that I recommend.

ok. it's just the tips of teknokia. hope it is useful.
Effect of Total Core Processor at Speeds Of Android Smartphone

Effect of Total Core Processor at Speeds Of Android Smartphone

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Have you ever been concerned about the speed of a processor of a smart phone what you have. Especially that I will discuss is about the android phone. From there phone specifications that have quad-core and dual-core architecture. Well, how the speed of  smartphone processor.
gambar: prosesor android
Performance of a smartphone is in the measure of the architecture and the core number. eg Quadcore has 4core and Dual core has 2 core. Of course the phone with quad-core processor will be faster in the process of execution, especially in the processing of more than one application or multitasking. so the more the number of cores it will be more faster execution process in some applications or multi-tasking.

Well. difference between quad-core and dual-core will be more pronounced if the current running video editor applications or games  that has a high specification. Smartphone with Quadcore processor will be faster than the dual-core because all the core will work as a whole in the running execution of an application.