Tips on Renting Hotels in Indonesia for Honeymoon via Mobile Applications

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Tips on Renting Hotels in Indonesia for Honeymoon via Mobile Applications

Towards the end of the year, besides being busy with holiday schedules, September to December is also often dubbed as the peak season of marriage in Indonesia. At least, based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2016 alone there are more than 1.8 million marriages per year in Indonesia, most of which are conducted at the end of the year.

Talking about marriage, can not be separated from the affairs of the honeymoon or honeymoon holidays. Usually, the moment becomes a quality time for couples who are happy. For that, careful planning is needed so that the holidays can be truly quality.

Smartphones and travel services are two important things in planning. With so many mobile applications that offer a variety of interesting services to fill a vacation, of course, it can make a honeymoon couple can easily and quickly get a choice of travel packages, hotels, and other facilities just through a smartphone.

For those who are designing holidays, one mobile application that has a myriad of interesting services, Traveloka, offers 4 important tips for choosing the right hotel or place to stay. Anything?

1. Choose the right location

The priority of couples on their honeymoon is different from ordinary tourists. Although they still want to have fun and explore tourist attractions in a city, honeymooners also want more privacy so they can enjoy time together. Therefore, choose the right location - which is located quite close to the city center, but not too crowded by tourists.For example, when honeymooning in Bali, instead of staying in the center of the Seminyak area, choose a hotel located in Uluwatu. 

This area is still fairly quiet, with far fewer tourists. That way, you can access tourist attractions around the hotel, but still, have the privacy and tranquility to spend time in the hotel with a partner.Until now, Bali is still a favorite destination in terms of honeymoon, both for Indonesian and foreign couples. In 2018, Bali ranked first as the most popular honeymoon destination on Instagram, followed by the Maldives, Thailand, Italy and Mexico Islands. Bali also received the 2019 Brides Honeymoon Award with the choice of the best honeymoon suite in the world.

2. Choose accommodations with honeymoon packages or all-inclusive

To enjoy every moment of the honeymoon without stress, it's good for couples to choose a resort or hotel that has a honeymoon package or an all-inclusive package. In a honeymoon package, couples will be spoiled with a variety of five-star services, ranging from a spa package together, a romantic dinner, to sweet and luxurious room decorations. The all-in package from the hotel makes it easy for you and your partner to relax at the hotel, without having to think about food choices, rent transportation in the destination city, and so on.

Not only at hotels, but special honeymoon packages are also available at travel agencies such as Traveloka. Traveloka offers a special bundling promo, which is a booking plane and hotel tickets with a combination of discounts that can save a honeymoon budget.

3. Choose the best room type

Honeymoon is a moment that only happens once in a lifetime. To start a household trip with a loved one, celebrate by staying in the best type of room in the hotel. Classrooms such as honeymoon suites have been designed so that they are located in a quiet and uninterrupted part of the hotel. Quality linen, the comfort of the bed, to a luxurious bathtub is available to pamper you and your partner.

Not only that, but this type of room is also usually equipped with the most charming views - whether it's facing the beach or the beautiful mountains. With the right type of room, you and your partner will feel comfortable spending quality time the first time as a husband and wife.

4. Pay attention to hotel facilities

To choose the right hotel for your honeymoon, don't forget to pay attention to the facilities offered by each hotel. Do you want to stay in a room that has a private pool or bathtub? Do you want to choose a hotel that has an airport pick-up and delivery services?

Now, the presence of mobile application technology at Traveloka allows each couple to choose the desired hotel facilities. In Traveloka, couples can check the facilities they want, then Traveloka will filter out hotels that are guaranteed to have these facilities. Couples can also submit special requests, such as early check-in or breakfast delivered to the room. Traveloka will forward this message

Motorola One Vision Prices and Full Specification

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The latest Motorola One Vision smartphone often appears in a few leaks in recent times. Previously, Motorola One Vision was present at Geekbench under the name Motorola P40.

Motorola One Vision Prices and Full Specification
new motorola one Vision image from motorola.com
Although the leaked specifications are often self-sufficient, the launch time and the selling price have not been revealed yet.
But now the latest leak said, as reported by Ndtv Gadgets, Motorola One Vision will reportedly be officially launched on 16 May with prices ranging from EUR299 (IDR 4.8 million). The first buyer is said to be getting a cellphone with earbuds for EUR130.
Regarding specifications, this smartphone is supported with the Exynos 9610 chipset. Motorola One Vision runs with the Android 9.0 Pie operating system.

While the power is supported by a 3,500 mAh battery capacity. The main camera is supported by 48MP resolution with Long Exposure and 3D HDR Video features.

One Vision comes with a high-sized screen and a hole in the upper left corner, where the front camera is pinned. While on the back, there is a dual camera that is accompanied by a fingerprint scanner sensor and the Android One brand.

Meanwhile, on the right side of the body of Motorola One Vision there are volume buttons and power buttons, while on the left side there are hybrid slots for SIM and microSD cards. At the bottom of the phone there is a USB-C port, enclosed by speakers and microphone. 3.5mm headphone jack is on the top side.

One Vision will be supported by the Exynos 9609 chipset, the Exynos 9610 variant with a lower clock speed. This phone will come with 4GB of RAM support for devices marketed in Europe, and other RAM capacities for other markets.

Motorola One Vision will be presented in blue and gold variants.

Full Spesification:
  • Operating system: Android™ 9 Pie with the latest Android™ OS upgrades**
  • Processor: Exynos 9609 processor with 2.2 GHz Octa-core CPU and Mali G72 MP3 GPU
  • Memory (RAM) : 4 GB
  • Internal storage : 128 GB
  • Expandable storage : microSD Card support (up to 512 GB)
  • Security : Face unlock, fingerprint reader
  • Sensors : Fingerprint reader, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient Light sensor, Magnetometer, Gyroscope
  • Battery : Battery size 3500 mAh, Non-removable
  • Battery life : All day battery*
  • Charging :15W TurboPower™, 7 hours of usage in 15 minutes of charging*
  • Charger type : USB-C 15W TurboPower™ charger
  • Display : Display size 6.3” 16cm
  • Display technology : 432 PPI, LTPS IPS
  • Resolution : FHD+, 1080*2520 ppi
  • Aspect ratio :21:9
  • Design : Dimensions 160.1 x 71.2 x 8.7 mm
  • Weight : 180 g
  • Body : Front 2.5D, rear 3D Gorilla Glass
  • Water protection : IP52‡
  • Ports : USB-C port (for charging, data transfer), USB 2.0, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Colours : Bronze Gradient and Sapphire Gradient
  • Camera : Rear camera hardware 48MP + OIS + 5MP, F1.7 , Quad Pixel, 1.6um, dual CCT LED, output 12MP photo
  • Rear camera software : Burst shot, Auto HDR, Timer, ZSL, High-res zoom, Cinemagraph, Portrait mode, cutout, 360 degree Panorama, Manual mode, Active photos, Spot color, Best shot, Google Lens™ integration, Watermark Night Vision, Live filter, smart composition, portrait lighting, auto smile capture
  • Rear camera video capture : UHD@30fps, FHD@30fps, FHD@60fps, HD@30fps
  • Rear Camera Video Software : Slow motion video, Timelapse video, Hyperlapse video, Youtube Live Stream
  • Front camera hardware : 25MP, F2.0, Quad Pixel, 1.8um
  • Front camera software : Portrait mode, spot color, cinemagraph, Group selfie, live filter
  • Front camera video capture : FHD@30fp, HD@30fps
  • Front camera video software : Slow motion video, Timelapse video, Hyperlapse video, Youtube Live Stream
  • Audio : Speakers 1 bottom-ported speaker
  • Microphones : 2 microphones
  • Headphone jack : 3.5mm headphone jack
  • FM radio : Yes
  • Experiences : Voice control ,Google Assistant, Quick gestures
  • Moto Actions: Three finger screenshot, One Button Nav, Quick capture, Fast flashlight,
  • Smarter screen :Peek Display: Attentive display, Quick reply, Battery meter, Display notifications, Music controls,Nudge to show notification
  • Connectivity : Networks + bands 2G: GSM band 2/3/5/8, 3G: WCDMA band 1/2/5/8, 4G: LTE band 1/3/5/7/8/20/38/40/41
  • SIM card : Single/Dual Nano SIM, 3 in 2
  • Bluetooth® technology : Bluetooth® 5.0 EDR + BLE
  • Wi-Fi : Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz + 5GHz, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • NFC : Yes
  • Location services : GPS, AGPS, GLONASS, Galileo
  • In the box ; Device motorola one vision, Components TurboPowerTM charger, USB-C Cable, SIM pin, Guides, Earphones, Protective cover

How to fix BSOD VT-X Virtualization Run an Android Emulator on Windows 10

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 How to fix BSOD VT-X Virtualization Run an Android Emulator on Windows 10

Intel Virtualization Technology is a technology that allows a processor to work like having multiple processors, each of which can run different operating systems and their programs simultaneously.

VT-x or Virtualization is a feature that is needed in running particular software. One of them is an android emulator.

How to activate it:

To find out if your computer supports the VT system, you can use the LeoMoon CPU V software. LeoMoon CPU-v can detect whether your computer supports Hardware Virtualization which supports 32-bit or 64-bit windows. This device also detects if Hardware Virtualization has been activated in BIOS mode.

If VT-x Supported produces a green tick, it means your computer supports VT-x Supported. But if the result is a red cross then your computer does not support VT mode. If the result is a green check in the VT-x Enabled column, then that means the VT mode is already active in your BIOS.

To activate VT mode. Usually entering the BIOS requires pressing certain keys when your computer restarts. The button can be anything depending on the brand of computer you have. When it enters BIOS mode, look for Virtualization, VT-x, Intel Virtual Technology or anything related to the word "Virtual" then enable or activate it. When finished saving, shut down your computer then turn it on again. Virtualization is now active

How to fix with Blue Screen or BSOD

After activating VT Mode. There are obstacles that arise and do not run smoothly. When running an android emulator, an error appears BSOD or Blue Screen on Death.

Method 1:

If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10: there might be a mismatch between VT and Microsoft Hyper-V technology that results in the appearance of a Blue Screen on your computer. Then you need to deactivate Hyper-V in the following way: go to Control Panel-> Programs and Features-> Turn Windows features on or off-> uncheck the Hyper-V box.

Method 2:

If your VT has been activated in the BIOS, but the results from LeMoon still show a red cross in the VT-x Enabled section, chances are that your anti-virus software has blocked this function. For example on Avast, the way to handle this is:

1) Open Avast anti-virus >> Settings >> Troubleshooting

2) Uncheck Enable hardware-assisted virtualization, and then restart your computer.

Method 3:

On Windows 10: There may be protection from Windows security. The name of the feature is Core ISOLATION. Disable this feature by:

Go to Settings - Windows Security - Device Security - Core Isolation

Slide the scroll to deactivate.

The third way is the one that I recommend first. Hopefully your computer does not experience Blue Screen again.

More detail please Watch Video below !

The Best Onet Games With Traffic Signs Image

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The Best Onet Games With Traffic Signs Image

Onet invites you to think fast and to sharpen your logic when solving a problem. Your task as a player is, matching the image of the same image, if it fits, then the same image disappears, and then score got. You must complete this game by matching all the same images, before the time you have run out. When you find the same image with the note unhindered by another box and have three paths, just try to click both pictures. If your step is correct, you will succeed in uniting one pair of images.

To play this game you do not need to use a big phone spec, just play on the small phone specs you can already be satisfied to play it. This game is small and already available on Android, just download it in the play store; you can anytime and anywhere play it when you have free time.

Game Onet provides several benefits, especially to sharpen the sharpness of the eyes and our memories. Thus this game is also beneficial for brain development both the left brain and right brain because in addition to the brain is invited to remember the exact same form of objects we are also invited to find a gap to find a way that no more than three turns.

The Best Onet Games With Traffic Signs Image

In Play store is a lot of games Onet this with various versions but the best I think is the Game Onet Traffic Signs. Why?

Because this one game offers 4 theme images to choose from, among others, Pokémon, Fruits, Emoticon and Traffic Signs. With the choice of traffic Signs theme so that we can play while learning traffic signs.

This game is available in play store please Download 

Sistem Operasi : Android
Developer         : Teknokia
Download         : Google Play
License             : Free
Size                  : 10 MB
Current Version: 1.0
Update             : May 12, 2018

How To Activate HTTPS For Custom Domain Blogger Without Cloudflare

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How To Activate HTTPS For Custom Domain Blogger Without Cloudflare

What is HTTPS?

As quoted from the Wikipedia site, HTTPS is an adaptation of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for secure communication over a computer network, and is widely used on the Internet. In HTTPS, the communication protocol is encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS), or formerly, its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The protocol is therefore also often referred to as HTTP over TLS, or HTTP over SSL.

There are three main benefits to using HTTPS instead of HTTP to access your blog:
  • It helps check that your visitors open the correct website and aren’t being redirected to a malicious site.
  • It helps detect if an attacker tries to change any data sent from Blogger to the visitor.
  • It adds security measures that make it harder for other people to listen to your visitors’ conversations, track their activities, or steal their information.

How to enable HTTPS in blogger even for custom domain.

As we know, HTTPS currently does not available for custom domain blog. But this time I will share tips and tricks. About this thing. please follow these steps :

1. To bring up the option HTTPS availability to enable.  Please type or change URL from www.blogger.com/xxxxx to draft.blogger.com/xxxxxx 

To bring up the option HTTPS availability to enable.  Please type or change URL from www.blogger.com/xxxxx to draft.blogger.com/xxxxxx

2. After that click menu settings> basic> HTTPS then select Yes on HTTPS availability menu.

After that click menu settings> basic> HTTPS then select Yes on HTTPS availability menu

Once activated. Wait a while until the HTTPS redirect menu is open to enable. Please refresh the browser a few times or press the F5 key on the keyboard. If it has been opened please select YES on the HTTPS redirection menu.

please select YES on the HTTPS redirection menu.

If all have  done what you should do next is:

1. Replace all prefix URLs from http with HTTPS in your blog template.

2. Add a New URL to Google Search Console

How To Lock 4G Only or LTE Only On SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 Pro and J7 Refine

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We could not find LTE only mode in the default setting on all phones. Including the SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 PRO or other series. Because LTE networks only can only be used for internet data only, whereas function calls and sms is not possible through a network of LTE.

3. In part set preferred network type, select LTE Only

LTE only according to my much needed at a time when we are in areas with LTE signals are weak. So that the network did not change whereas we are in need of a fast internet connection via LTE networks. For that please follow the steps below on how to lock the device's only LTE networks on SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 Pro and other series:

1. Download the App and the MTK Engineers install it.
How To Lock 4G Only or LTE Only On SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 Pro
2. Run the application and then select menu LTE Switcher

3. In part set preferred network type, select LTE Only

3. In part set preferred network type, select LTE Only

4. To return to the original. We can choose setting or through the manner above but choose the type of network to another.

Please Download and install the application via Google App Engineer MTK Play store or APK installer files below.

If you are still confused. Below, I have show a video tutorial on how to lock the LTE networks Only in SAMSUNG GALAXY j7 Pro

MTk Engineer APP V1.4 latest update Add LTE Switcher feature

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MTK engineer App has been in the presence of the addition of the latest menu update i.e. LTE Switcher. The existence of that feature, it could add to the support for the other phones that do not support. Like, on device Samsung Galaxy series. It can do lock LTE only network mode. On almost all brand android phones. Like ASUS, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony xperia, Nokia android, etc.

Amazingly, through this application we do not need to remember the secret code in order to do locking LTE Only network. Quoted from description of this application. The information about this application. MTK Engineer App Allow to Access MTK Engineering Mode Without any Secret Code. This Application has three menus. They Are MTK Engineering Mode, Android Setting and LTE switcher.

MTK Engineering Mode is only work on Mediatek Phone Base that Engineering Mode App has been installed on its System/app. We can setup Band LTE and Lock Networks 3G, 4G etc.

Android Setting is allowed to access hidden Menu service mode without secret code. This Application is Also be able to setup Lock 3G, 2G, 4G, etc. but some device on Android 6.0 MTK Phones it does not work.

LTE Switcher is added for especially force LTE only for Samsung device

Minimum: Gingerbread 2.3
Max: Android Nougat 7.0

You can install the application