USA : What is the Cheapest Car insurance Near Me ?

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Our study data shows that USAA offers the cheapest car insurance rates, with Geico directly after.

What is the Cheapest auto insurance near me ?

Drivers with a net record can expect to pay an average of under $1,000 for coverage with USAA. It is important to note that USAA provides insurance only to military members and their families. 

If USAA isn't the choice for you, Geico might. The average premium is around $150 more for similar coverage. Your actual rates may vary, based on factors including the amount of coverage, what you drive, and where you live.

Average Rates 2022:

USAA: $999.74

Geico: $1,147.62

State Ranch: $1,267.27

National: $1,326.83

Tourist Lot: $1,371.29

American family: $1,371.38

Progressive: $1,532.72

Farmer: $1,916.57

All states: $2,046.78

5 Marketing Google Ads Strategies To Win Business Competition

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There are times when your google ads advertising strategy is like a competitive game of chess. Marketers must have their own tactics and weapons to stay ahead.

5  Marketing Google Ads Strategies To Win Business Competition

A little PPC strategy will make your ad more effective at hitting the target.

Here are 5 Google ads ad tricks that you can try:

Research who is your audience?

The AdWords feature is the biggest treasure trove of tech giant Google for gathering valuable information about their target market.

The idea is quite simple, Google allows advertisers to determine who their business market audience is.

Only by targeting audiences based on demographics, location or behavior when accessing the Google search engine.

Next, Google will examine the visitors who are active when comparing products or clicking on their google ads ads.

They will use this data to help advertisers reach potential customers.

Adwords strategy with dynamic ads

For retailers, this feature is worth a try. Advertisers can determine which products their audience sees and serve those ads repeatedly.

In other words, Google tries to give the product what the audience wants.

For example, if you've previously clicked on a T-shirt ad, but haven't yet made it to the buying stage. So, when you switch to another site, this T-shirt ad will still appear.

Most likely, if the audience is really interested and waiting for the right moment to buy, one day he will actually shop and pay for it.

Set ad time

Urgency is an important part of high-performing advertising. Unfortunately, not all marketers have the time to constantly sit at the computer and run promotions.

That's why Google ads ads introduce a series of scripts that are useful and easy to understand even for novice copywriters.

With Adwords, advertisers can set the ad serving time as needed. For example, the ad starts today for up to 14 days.

In fact, you can use an hourly advertising strategy. For example, “The webinar starts in 2 hours, don't forget to prepare your seats!”

Because they have limited time, the audience will generally prepare to buy before the ad promo period runs out.

That way, this Adwords strategy will benefit readers because it is more real-time and easy to adjust to the promotion.

Schedule ads to fit when your audience is shopping

Time and cultural differences mean that advertising arrangements in different regions should also be different.

To maximize advertising profits, the Adwords feature includes setting an ad schedule based on when the audience tends to shop.

This arrangement will be very useful if, say, your current office is located in Indonesia, while the prospect of your product is very prospective in the United States.

Google Adwords allows ads to be shown at certain times of the day in a country/location.

This is the time that audiences in certain countries tend to use the most to buy your product.

Get around competitors who are wasting your advertising budget

Don't pay for the clicks made by your competitors. Take advantage of features that can block business competitors' IPs.

The method is quite easy. First, determine your competitor's IP address. Then, go to the Adwords settings menu and add the IP addresses of the competitors.

This step will make the ad will never be displayed on the computer with that IP address.

Well, that's some Adwords keys to seize market competition. Prepare your strategy and secret cards to make business advertising more effective and efficient. Good luck!

Why Should You Use Google Adwords? Here are 5 reasons

At the beginning of its release on October 23, 2000, Google's marketing program only had the ambition to increase company profits.

However, after a decade has passed, it is not surprising that Google was able to change the way online marketing to the next level with a profit of $ 42 billion.

Today we know him with Google Adwords. And Adwords has become an important part of marketing a successful online business.

If you're new to Adwords, it's actually a pay-per-click service to run your business ads. Your business ad will appear in Google search results.

When your search keywords are relevant and match your target audience, you have the opportunity to reach potential customers who are interested in buying your product.

Getting interested in Adwords? Here are 5 reasons why businesses should use Adwors for marketing:

Analyzeable and Flexible

As a cutting-edge online marketing channel, Adwords can allow advertisers to measure exactly what makes an ad move up and down the rankings.

Enter PPC Adwords features a variety of PPC metrics to automatically measure the effectiveness of your ads.

AdWords is also flexible because it has various options that can be customized according to the needs of your business campaign. For example, showing ads based on keyword match type options, ad extensions, audience demographic characteristics, and many other options.

Faster Than SEO

SEO can take months to see results. But, with Adwords, ads will appear instantly and the results can be seen instantly. Like visitor data,

With this speed, you can more easily schedule ad impressions based on what keywords are most effective and when is the best time to show them.

Google Ads is More Attractive

Google continues to improve AdWords because, arguably, this feature is one of its main sources of revenue.

In fact, ads that include photos or videos often get more clicks from users. Ads that are made attractive will be preferred and can increase Google's profits.

In addition, Google also has Youtube which is ready to display your ads for billions of eyes to see around the world.

So, why don't you show ads that can reach a wider market

Can Control Advertising Budget

Another advantage of advertising Adwords is that you can set a maximum cost per day for your campaign.

You can set your budget without worrying that your ads will exceed the budget per campaign limit. Worst case scenario, it could be that the number of ads will start to decrease as your budget starts to run out.

However, you can still increase your budget at any time. This flexibility and ease of managing your ad budget is great if you want to get more leads in less time.

Overcoming Competitors

When compared to SEO, it is clear that Adwords is already a thousand steps ahead of speed. You can outperform your competitors.

When your keywords appear on the first page of search results, your business site will get more clicks than other competitor sites.

But, what if your competitors are also using Adwords? No problem.

According to Moz as quoted from the Forbes page, 80% of search results contain Adwords ad placements. No kidding, Adwords ad placements are in the top 85% of search results pages.

This means that your ad is still at the top of Google search results and has great potential for visitors to click.

Have you used AdWords before? If so, what features do you find most effective?

4 Tips for Successfully Launching Adwords Ads

AdWords Advertising is one of the most effective advertising platforms in history. With a variety of features, business owners large or small can get their ads to the front of potential customers in a matter of hours.

For marketers who are already experts, of course all Adwords features have become a daily meal that is ready to be "devoured" at any time.

However, for novice or novice business owners, the sheer number of options and settings can sometimes be a little confusing.

Well, you don't need to worry, here are 4 tips for successfully launching Adwords ads for marketing your new business this year:

Make the right account structure

A well-structured AdWords account is a must if you want your ads to turn a profit.

Well-structured Adwords is closely related to keywords, ad groups, campaigns and others.

In turn, Google will provide incentives or rewards by lowering advertising costs.

For example, if you create an ad about business A. We recommend that you divide the ad into 2 campaigns. Then, within each campaign is still further divided into 2 ad groups.

Each ad group, keyword, and ad campaign should also have a consistent theme.

Start a “Search network” campaign

Search network is a feature that will target the most potential potential customers to buy your product or service.

So, feel free to start a “Search network” campaign. Unlike the “Display network” feature which can sometimes be annoying while the customer is browsing the website, the “Search network” provides more solutions to search results.

Low daily budget and cost per click (CPC)

Another thing that is no less important to talk about is the issue of advertising budget. When launching a new Adwords campaign, it is usually difficult for business owners to determine how much budget to spend.

To be more effective, try to set your daily budget limit to half or a quarter of the total daily budget, especially for novice marketers.

This will allow you to streamline your campaigns while monitoring how your traffic is based on your targeting.

For manual CPC campaigns, it's also a good idea to set lower costs. Then, AYou can increase your bids as necessary based on keyword search results.

Text and images in adwords ads

As the name implies, Adwords is a combination of words and advertising images that can steal the attention of potential customers.

You only have 5 seconds to entice potential customers to actually click, buy or use your product.

We recommend that you create different ad texts for one campaign. Audiences will always respond to unique and creative ad text.

You can then use the ad text (copy) that grabs the most audience attention to post across your campaigns to maximize their effectiveness.

Especially for google ads ads that appear on the "display network", images are just as important as ad text. The image you choose for your ad must be able to entice potential customers to click. In essence, your images need to be able to “shine” and set aside the millions of ad campaigns out there.

Choose quality images that look natural and are honest about your product. Then, you can test the success of this ad's performance continuously.

Ready to compete in the world of digital marketing with Google Ads ? Good luck.
The Color Of The Country's Flag Is No Purple, Why ?

The Color Of The Country's Flag Is No Purple, Why ?

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The Color Of The Country's Flag Is No Purple, Why ?

As a state identity, each country's flag in the world has its own uniqueness and history.There are several unique colors and elements found in the flag, such as the dragon on the flag of Wales, the eagle on the flag of Mexico, and the star on the flag of the United States.Each of these flags must have a certain meaningful color. But are you aware, that no country has a predominantly purple flag?What is the reason? Is it because purple is similar to Thanos' skin color?

Causes of flag color none purple

The cause is actually simple, because in ancient times, to make purple was very expensive and took a lot of effort.The natural purple dye in the past was almost entirely sourced from a single species of sea snail harvested in a small part of the Mediterranean region.It takes as many as 10,000 snails just to produce one gram of dye alone.This is what makes purple worth more than gold in the era before the 19th century.At that time, 1 gram of purple dye was equivalent to 3 grams of gold. Although purple clothes used to exist, this color was mostly worn by very wealthy people and members of the royal family because it was rare.Using purple into the flag is not worth the cost.

Purple color has a bad meaning

Each color has a different meaning We all know that the meaning on the Indonesian flag is red to be bold, and white to be holy.Likewise with the color purple, in many countries, this color symbolizes grief and death.In Italy, the color purple is considered bad luck because it symbolizes mourning.In the United States, the 'Purple Heart' is a military award awarded in the name of the President to people injured or killed in the line of duty.

Synthetic purple color was only discovered in 1856

The status of purple, which is classified as a 'sultan' and complicated color, changed forever in 1856, when an English student, William Henry Perkin, discovered how to make a synthetic purple color, not necessarily using sea snails.It made the purple color even more 'popular' and popular in the 1900s and above.Those are some unique facts why the color of the flag of the country is not predominantly purple.Reported by WorldAtlas, of the 195 countries in the world, only Dominica and Nicaragua are the only countries that have purple elements on their flags, although only a few.

Tips for choosing a cryptocurrency: Here are six important factors

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Cryptocurrency is a popular digital currency these days. Apart from being a medium of exchange, cryptocurrencies are also widely used as investment assets because their prices are increasing due to high market demand.

Tips for choosing a cryptocurrency: Here are six important factors

Currently, there are more than 6 thousand cryptocurrencies available in the market. The many choices of course make us confused, which is the best cryptocurrency? How to choose the right cryptocurrency to invest in? To understand more deeply, let's look at some tips for choosing cryptocurrencies in the following article

Factors to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency

Here are tips for choosing the right cryptocurrency by paying attention to several fundamental factors such as the origin of cryptocurrencies, how it works, market capitalization, price history, to netizen conversations.

1. Origin of crypto currency

When you want to research cryptocurrencies, you need to first find out where they came from. The reason is, each type of currency has its own history.

Bitcoin, for example, is a pioneer cryptocurrency that was published in 2009 by someone under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. A few days before launching Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper describing a peer-to-peer financial system. The aim is to provide a financial scheme that is transparent and without involving bank or government authorities.

Some time later, Satoshi Nakamoto stopped being involved with Bitcoin development. He handed over the management of the currency to Gavin Andresen, who eventually became Lead Developer at the Bitcoin Foundation.

Meanwhile, the Ether coin came a few years after the issuance of the first Bitcoin. Vitalik Buterin and his colleagues launched Ether in 2013 because they wanted to create a cryptocurrency that not only acts as a medium of exchange, but can also represent real assets such as stocks or property.

In the following years, various variants of other cryptocurrencies emerged as alternatives to Bitcoin. Cardano published in 2017 seeks to solve environmental issues that have become critical of Bitcoin.

By knowing the origins of cryptocurrencies, you can understand more about the purpose for which the coin was created and the extent of its potential in the future.

2. How the cryptocurrency system works

It is important to know how cryptocurrencies work. The reason is, this technology will determine its usefulness and growth potential in the future.

Bitcoin uses blockchain technology with the Proof of Work (PoW) method. This means that everyone can compete to mine Bitcoin by solving complex algorithms. Whoever manages to solve the algorithm, then he will get a reward in the form of coins. However, to mine you need a large amount of electricity and a computer with high specs. Therefore, Bitcoin can be said to be energy-intensive and not environmentally friendly.

Unlike the Proof of Stake (PoS) method applied by Cardano and Solana coins. PoS allows you to mine Bitcoin by storing coins that you have had on the network for some time. As a commission from this, you can get a wage.

This technological system could affect the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the future. If we compare the two working methods above, it is likely that the PoS method will be more popular in the future because of these environmental issues.

3. Market capitalization

Market cap is all crypto assets circulating in the market. By knowing the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency, you can understand how much public interest is in the currency. In addition, this indicator can also be used to measure growth over time. To date, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin are the three coins with the largest market cap.

4. Currency price history

Although the price of cryptocurrencies is very volatile, their movements will form a trend when viewed in the long term. Therefore, historical currency price information is important for those of you who want to make a profit from investing in cryptocurrencies. To analyze currency history, you can use technical analysis with trend line indicators, resistance and support levels, to moving averages.

5. Community chat on the internet

Cryptocurrency prices are heavily influenced by market sentiment. One way to predict market sentiment is to observe community conversations on the internet about cryptocurrencies. That way, you will know people's perceptions about the currency. You can also monitor the social media posts of influential people. For example, Elon Musk whose Twitter tweets often have a big influence on cryptocurrency prices.

6. News about cryptocurrency

News about cryptocurrencies in the media can also affect investor sentiment towards cryptocurrencies. An example is news about the latest government regulations and other important events.

That's an explanation of tips for choosing cryptocurrencies and the factors that must be considered. Doing research before entering into a new investment instrument is the right thing to do. As an investor, of course, you must know what "goods" you will buy later. Hopefully the information above is useful, yes!

Elon Musk's List of Crypto Assets in 2021

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Elon Musk is an influential figure who invests large sums in several crypto assets, namely Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin. The founder of the Tesla company is indeed known as a supporter of the idea of ​​​​a crypto currency.

Elon Musk's List of Crypto Assets in 2021

Not only that, the statements issued by Elon have a great influence on the sentiment of cryptocurrency investors. For example, in 2021, Elon has uploaded pictures of shiba inu puppies on his Twitter account several times. This gesture caused investors to flock to the Shiba Inu coins and sent the price skyrocketing.

Not surprisingly, many people are looking into the coin that the SpaceX CEO owns because of its influence in the crypto market. Let's look at the review of Elon Musk's crypto assets in this article!

Crypto assets owned by Elon Musk

According to Elon, he invested large sums in the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin. Here's a review of each.

Bitcoin (BTC)

In July 2021, Elon Musk admitted that he invested a large amount in Bitcoin. Although it can easily influence the market, he claims he will still make long-term investments in this one currency. Elon does not believe in the scheme of raising prices, then selling them, as many bookies do.

This could mean that Elon believes the value of Bitcoin in the long term will continue to increase, despite price volatility in the short term. Elon's support for Bitcoin is also evidenced by the gesture of Tesla, Elon's electric car company, which accepts payments using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a pioneer of cryptocurrencies that use the blockchain network as the basis of its technology. Transactions with this technology allow us to transact without the intervention of third parties such as banks and the government so as to minimize abuse of authority.

The advantage of Bitcoin is that it is a transparent but secure system. Unfortunately, many critics argue that Bitcoin is energy-intensive and not environmentally friendly. Hence, various alternative currencies called Altcoins emerged to solve this problem.

Ether (ETH)

The price of the Ether coin had jumped dramatically after Elon admitted to investing in Ether. The value of this currency rose 12 percent in one day.
Ether is a crypto asset that is an alternative to Bitcoin which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. One of the advantages of the Ethereum blockchain over the Bitcoin blockchain is its financial product variants.

You can only make transactions and store assets in Bitcoin. Meanwhile, Ethereum provides features that allow you to carry out more complex financial transactions such as accounts payable, project payments, to derivative asset transactions.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

On November 1, 2021, Elon tweeted that he wanted to build a campus that could be paid for with Dogecoin. Elon's post received an enthusiastic response from netizens, thinking that it was a good idea.

This is not the first time Elon has discussed Dogecoin in a tweet. Previously, he had mentioned Dogecoin several times and made the price go up.

Dogecoin is a crypto asset that originally appeared as a joke on the internet to poke fun at the speculative prices of cryptocurrencies. However, in the end the currency with the shiba inu dog logo was realized into real currency. Founded in 2013, Dogecoin is growing rapidly due to its strong online community (Reddit and Twitter).

Predicting crypto market sentiment from Elon Musks statement

At the end of March 2021, Tesla accepted Bitcoin as a means of payment. This makes the price of the currency soar. In mid-May 2021, Elon announced that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin payments due to the huge energy use issue of BTC. The announcement made the Bitcoin price drop drastically.

In mid-June 2021, Elon announced that Tesla was accepting Bitcoin again. As a result, the price of Bitcoin has increased again.

On another occasion, Elon posted a picture of a shiba inu dog that sent the price of the Shiba Inu coin soaring. Afterwards, Elon clarified that he only invested in Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin.

The incident above shows how much influence Elon Musk has on the price movements of crypto assets. So, you can use Elon Musk's statement to predict crypto market sentiment.

You can do this by following Elon Musk's Twitter account. After that, keep an eye on the account's tweets, especially those about cryptocurrencies. Also analyze comments from Elon's tweets. Validate the possible increase in the price of crypto currency via news channels or through the Google search engine.

Of course there are many factors that affect the price of crypto. This step can be one of the considerations in technical analysis of crypto prices related to market sentiment.

Cardano (ADA) is The Hottest Crypto Asset Ahead of The Smart Contract Event

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The Cardano crypto asset (ADA) is recording a surprisingly significant growth. In terms of prices, in the period 20 July - 20 August 2021, ADA has shot up 146.08%. Much higher than Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (EHT), and Binance Coin.

Cardano (ADA) is The Hottest Crypto Asset Ahead of The Smart Contract Event

Quoting Coinmarketcap.com, as of 4:15 p.m., the price of Ethereum has jumped 86.36% in the past month. Followed by Binance Coin which rose 64.2% and bitcoin which rose 60.46% in the same period.

In addition to the sharp increase in its price, in terms of market capitalization, surprisingly, ADA has also succeeded in overtaking BNB as the crypto asset with the third largest market capitalization.

Based on trading volume in the last 24 hours, ADA is also the most heavily traded crypto asset in Indonesia. Referring to Indodax and Tokocrypto, ADA ranks at the top of trading volume.

“ADA's price movement has been really hype lately, even though its superior feature, namely smart contracts, is not yet ready. Most likely, this is indeed a lot of investors who are FOMO on this coin because it is predicted to be the next Ethereum killer," explained Triv.co.id CEO, Gabriel Rey to Kontan.co.id.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Digital Exchange, Duwi Sudarto Putra, said that ADA is currently focusing on developing smart contract features on its platform. If this development is successful, with the advantages it has, it is not impossible that in the future the price of ADA will rise again.

In addition to the development process, Duwi said, the implementation and the current system as well as strong community support will also be important factors for the movement. If these three aspects are met, it is not impossible that ADA can match and even beat the existing smart contract features

Tokocrypto CEO Teguh K Harmanda also did not deny that Cardano is a coin that investors need to pay attention to for the next few months. According to him, Cardano will receive positive sentiment from the planned launch of the smart contract feature in September.

"This news will be a very good positive sentiment for Cardano and has the potential to cause an increase in the price of the ADA coin," said Teguh.

Meanwhile, the existence of this smart contract will later allow Cardano to incorporate more applications including Decentralized Finance (DeFi) which allows for automated lending and trading features of crypto assets.

Coindesk reports that the service upgrade could put the Cardano network in a better position to challenge Ethereum, which is currently the leader among blockchains with smart contract functionality.

While Gabriel believes that if investors really want to speculate and take advantage of the momentum, there's nothing wrong with looking at ADA. “However, the prospects are actually still a question mark. In terms of technology, it is better, but the ADA ecosystem is not as big as ETH," he concluded.