How Testing Multitouch on Android Devices

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What is a Multi touch?

We often hear the term of MultiTouch, I quoted from various sources on the internet, and Multitouch is touch screen capabilities that can respond to more than one point of touch. There are 2 points, 3 points and even up to 10 point touch.

What is the Multitouch technology is part of the operating system or the screen?

Indeed, the development of fast-growing android technology. Multitouch was built-in since Froyo version of android. Then continue to thrive to this day. However, it is determined by the types of screens and sensors are used. The sensor on the screen can detect two points touch, three-point touch, up to ten finger touch points simultaneously.

Do pinch in or pinch out is a function of multitouch?

Well. This is one of the benefits of multitouch. I.e. pinch to zoom: when we want to zoom in and out of the picture.

How to check sensors multitouch on android?

I take for example: In a Lenovo 7000 devices. With the Mediatek chipset.

1. Download and run the application MTK Engineer App from the Google Playstore or apk offline installer.

2. Select the first menu "MTK Engineering Mode"

3. Select the tab "Hardware Testing"

4. Select the menu Touchscreen

5. Select "Multitouch"

6. Try to touch it with one finger to 10 fingers simultaneously.

7. Then will appear the color and pid number coordinates. The number of multitouch is determined by the color and the pid number. For example in Lenovo device A7000, there are only 5 colors only. This means it supports the 5-points touch.

This tip only works on Mediatek MTK EngineerMode existing in the system/app. for devices other than the Mediatek might just be different.

Update MTK Engineer App Version 1.3 Available for Android 7.0 Nougat and Lower

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MTK Engineer app is an app to allow access hidden feature of  Mediatek phone base and other CPU chipset. it has been releeased new update to version 1.3. it has increased of supporting more devices for Android 7.0 Nougat. 

Update MTK Engineer App Version 1.3 available for Android 7.0 Nougat

MTK Engineer mode has two menus. they are MTK Engineering mode and Android Testing. Both are hidden feature we coould access without remember any secret code. 

MTK Engineering mode feature :

MTK Engineering mode feature :

1. Tab Telephony : Auto Answer, Antena Test, BandMode, BSPTelephonyDevTool, CFU, LTE Information, Misc Feature Config, Modem Test, Network Selecting, NetworkInfo, GPRS, HSPA Info, Mobile data service preferred, Fast Dormancy, RF De-sense Test, SBP, Simme Lock, U3 PHY Switch, World Phone, SIM switch, Backgroud Data Select, MD EM Filter, Background data select.

2. Tab Connectivity : Bluetooth, FM receiver, WiFi, Wifi CTIA, WiFi Display, Gattprofile.

3. Tab Hardware testing : Audio, Camera, Driving Current Camera, ESN Track, De-sense, Non-sleep Mode, IO, Memory, Power, SD Card test, Touchscreen, USB, UART?USB Switch, Sensor, Video.
4. Tab Location : Location Base Service, Auto Dialer, YGPS, CWTest.

5. Tab Log and Debugging : BatteryLog, Debug Utils, Modem Warning Setting, MTK Logger, ATCI, Modem Reset Delay Setting.

6. Others Tab : SWLA, Thermal, CMCC FT Pre-Check, USB ACM, MoMs.

Android Testing Mode Feature :

Android Testing Mode Feature :

1. Phone Information
2. Usage Statistic
3. Wi-Fi Information


How to Applying Two Step Verification on Whatsapp App

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Instant Messaging application WhatsApp starts applying two-step verification scheme (two-step verification) on its services. This procedure is optional for added security of user accounts.

Verification first, as has been done for this, is through the phone number used for number WhatsApp. The application will send the code via SMS or phone that must be entered by the user, when you enable the service.

The second verification in the form of a six-digit pass code that is made by its users. Six-digit number that must be entered each time they register their phone number to serve as the contact WhatsApp again. For example, when users buy a new smartphone but still want to use the SIMcard and the same number. 

How to Applying Two Step Verification on Whatsapp Application

How To Activate Two Step Verification
To enable this two-step verification, update to the latest version WhatsApp application, this can be done through Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS users. Then, go to the menu Settings > Accounts > Two-step verification > and Enable.

After entering the number six digits as a pass code, the user must remember it, or backup it via e-mail. According to the official blog of WhatsApp, as quoted teknokia.com, Wednesday (15/2/2017), e-mail can also be used to disable two-step verification if the user forgot the passcode that is used.

No pass code will be required each time you open WhatsApp, WhatsApp will ask however this pass code on a periodic basis within a certain period (seven days), to help the user remember the pass code is used.

Two-step verification used WhatsApp is different from the schema that is used by Google or Facebook. The two services that make the code with the application and send it by SMS. In the platform, which makes it the WhatsApp users itself and should keep that in mind?

Previously, the feature has been released for users WhatsApp beta since November 2016 and then for testing. WhatsApp but is now opening it for about 1.2 billion users. This update is given in stages to the user WhatsApp.

This is The Successor Hybrid Tablet Series Lenovo Miix 320

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It's been almost a year since Lenovo Unveils tablet Miix 310 which is a 2-in-1 (commonly referred to as tablet hybrid) based Windows OS, Lenovo is now rumored in the near future will be releasing its latest generation of tablets is the successor of Lenovo Miix 310, named Lenovo MiiX 320.

This is The Successor Tablet Hybrid Series Lenovo Miix 320
ilustration miix series 310
As for the latest generation Lenovo hybrid tablet is to be unveiled at MWC 2011 which will be held on February 26, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

Offered from Gizchina, there is a distinction with a selection of other tablets in the portfolio crime family, Lenovo tablet Miix 3xxx Designer does not display the kickstand (such as Microsoft Surface Model) and use the connector "hinge" that conventional and sturdy as a tablet model Asus Transformer.

Lenovo MiiX 320 aimed at middle-class market-entry level and the user needs to enjoy the multimedia features. According to information leaked today on Weibo, Lenovo Miix 320 runs Intel Atom processor X 5-Z8350 SoC, with 2 GB of RAM or 4 GB of RAM. These tablets will be provided with a screen of 10.1 inches with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, supports USB port Type-C and dual stereo speakers embedded in the front and at the bottom of the device.

The Tablet offers a standard specification but at an affordable price to classmate tablet hybrid, i.e. USD $220 (equivalent to IDR. 2.9 millions).

Nokia 3, 5, 6, Plus 3310 carried By HMD Global at MWC 2017 Barcelona

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Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, one of the world's largest technology exhibitions, will be held in less than two weeks away. Like other big brands, Nokia (and also Global HMD) certainly will participate in the event. After have been released of the Nokia 6 specifically for China, what will be introduced by Global HMD at MWC 2017?

Evan Blass, owner of a Twitter account @evleaks, early Sunday to preach if Global HMD is expected to release at least four new mobile phones. This information he had got from someone who has been given a brief by the company. Four of these phones are Nokia 6 global variant, Nokia 3, 5, and most unexpectedly, a Nokia 3310.

Yes, the Nokia 3310. The famous mobile phones hold by all sorts of pressure and this disaster is rumored to be re-released as a form of homage--a pretty good way to increase the return to the popularity of Nokia phones. The phone was later dedicated as a backup phone, or for older Nokia fans who want to buy this phone again to simply collect. There has been no info whether Nokia 3310 released later has exactly the same specifications with the old version, or with a bit of refreshment such as screen colors, larger capacity battery or other. This mobile phone is expected to be priced 59 Euros or around Rp 835,000.

In addition to the Nokia 3310, there are the Nokia 3 and 5. Each is an Android mobile phone middle class down, with the specifications under the Nokia 6. Nokia 5 still uses the same chipset with Nokia 6 (Snapdragon 430), but its screen resolution size and dimension, namely 5 "720 p, with 2 GB RAM and 12 megapixel main camera. With Android 7.0 Nougat, Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 will be sold at a price of 199 Euros respectively & 149 Euros, or approximately 2.9 million & 2.1 millions of rupiah. Nokia 6 itself will sell for 249 Euros or about 3.5 millions of rupiah.

How to Cleaning Unused Files on Win 10

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One thing that users often forget after using a computer is like removing junk files, cache files, and temporary files and also the registry could accumulate so as to reduce storage capacity.

In the windows 10 Operating System , there are several ways to remove the unused file that easily by installing third-party applications, it is CCleaner. Maybe some users are already using this software. Yep! I have been using this software and become mandatory for the software installed on my pc.

In addition, the software is free and if we want to be extra features we could buy the license. Its usage is very easy-simply click away and all the files are out of date will be erased instantly.

How to Cleaning Unused Files on Win 10
Here's how:

1. Select the tab "Cleaner" and then click analyze

2. Click on "Run Cleaner"

3. Wait until the cleaning process is complete.

To be able to set it up please download and install it via the piriform Developer's official website.

eMMC Pin Out of Nokia X2 DS RM-1013

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Some time ago, I have explained about the IC eMMC, it is "What is eMMC? its function and kinds of them for Android Smartphone." Well, this time I will share the scheme about the location of the pin out of the eMMC in Nokia X2 Dual SIM RM-1013. There are 6 pin out points i.e. GND, VCC, VCCQ, Data 0, CLK, CMD. These points are requirement for eMMC works. 

eMMC Pin Out of Nokia X2 DS RM-1013
Previously, I have made an article about eMMC in Nokia X2 DS, it is "Let You Know The Placement of The IC eMMC in Nokia X2 Dual SIM". The location of these pins out are usually in the eMMC environment. Please refer to the pictures below for more details.

If we use the UFI Box to fix eMMC via direct eMMC way, we need a tool or adapter to connect all the pins out of the eMMC by using wire jumper. For more details look at the picture below.
ISP Adapter ic eMMC Ufi Box

The advantage of Direct eMMC is we can fix the eMMC without having to remove it from the engine Board smartphone.

Source image : tapatalk GSM-Forum ( gsmhosting )