Fix Error Update Driver Nokia X Platform V

I think, Nokia was not released the update driver adb for new firmware of the Nokia X platform V1.2.4.1. Because when we update it with new firmware, the driver adb was installed become not work. it can not be detect the device as adb or USB debugging has activated.

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Fix Error Update Driver Nokia X Platform V

I have googling and found the solution. there are any people have made unofficial driver so we must install it manually. But when installation , we will facing problem that caused by the Windows pc has been protected from unofficial drivers or unsign driver and it will be show error message "its detected as malware and harmfull can damage the PC".

well. the previous atricle i was promise to make an article about how to install driver Nokia X Platform v1.2.4.1. Now, this article is done. OK. don't waste the time !  i will explain step by step below.

You may follow these tips carefully for 100% work :

1. Disable Unsign Verification for driver on your PC.
This step is important things before you install driver. because without this step. the driver will not be able to installed.

In windows 8 and 8.1, you can follow my tutorial video please go to How to Disable Driver verification

2. Download Driver Nokia X platform v1.2.4.1 

On the he previous article i have share it check it out at  Download Driver Nokia X Platform new update .

3. You might Install the driver manually

After you have to do at step 1 and 2 . its time to follow step 3. install its manually from device manager on windows PC. For more clear this step i have make the tutorial video. Please go to   SOLVEDUpdate driver adb Nokia X XL V 1.2.4