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[ SOLVED ] Error code (0x000007b) On Windows PC

Have you ever met an error code (0x000007b) when running the software on Windows-based PC.such as windows xp, 7, 8 and 8.1. If yes. its means that you are experiencing the same thing with me. at that time I will post inventory check export data to excel with the extension xls. suddenly show the error message "The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b). Click OK to close the application". And then the software suddenly was closed and my input data was lost.

I was finding out how to overcome its through google search engine. Finally I found it. I have been practice and managed to overcome and now never error again.  
Here's how:

  1. Download Fix error code (0x000007b) zip file below, then extract. It contained 5 files "mfc100.dll, mfc100u.dll, msvcr100.dll, msvcp100.dll and msvcr100_clr0400.dll".
  2. Copy and paste (replace) all its dll files to "C: \ Windows \ System32".
  3. Restart PC
  4. finished.

Download FIx Error Code (0x000007b)

14 comments for "[ SOLVED ] Error code (0x000007b) On Windows PC"

  1. msvcr100_clr0400.dll cant copy what I'm gonna do please help

  2. Anonymous19/2/16

    msvcr100_clr0400.dll cant copy what im gonna do?

  3. Thank u soo much. This really helped me.

  4. not worked please help me

  5. Anonymous11/4/16

    No not like this but I am getting at Windows startup.
    Kindly say what to do.

  6. Anonymous11/4/16

    Unlike ur problem, for me it is coming on a blue screen at start up .
    By this my laptop (XP) is not starting.
    Kindly solve it.

  7. please try to install net framework for latest update. if you face still error.

  8. Anonymous3/9/16

    Mine pc is 64 bit wins 10 is tgis works for me

  9. Anonymous23/2/17

    It isn't getting pasted. it says "This action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program"

  10. You are the best man thank you 1 week now had the problem... now i have with directx 11.. i will find solution.. thank you again

  11. It is saying the action cant be completed bcz the file is open in other program

    please help me

  12. no funciona en mi windows 10 :( ayuda porfavor

  13. Can it works when your desktop is not loading?