Effect of Long Time Usage LED Flash as Flash Light

Many applications in google playstore to turn on the LED flash as a flashlight. In the use of a long time usage whether to make the LED flash quickly broken.

Effect of Long Time Usage LED Flash  as Flash Light

Indeed function LED flash lights embedded in smartphones is to help the lighting when taking pictures and the light up just a flash together with image capture by the camera. There is also a smartphone that it can activate the LED flash in video record mode. but not much help lighting. So from here can be known ability of a LED flash is not designed to light up continuously for a long time.

To become damaged it could happen if the use of LED lights flash too long until it increases the temperature of LED lights, reduce performance such as reduced levels of light and color changing lights. It is often encountered in professional camera flash lamp has a lifespan and a limited use.

So. we must be wise in the use of LED lights flash. Use it as a flashlight for emergency only.

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A flash light is very important especially in case of emergency.
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