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Driver Nokia X Platform V New Updated

Nokia X Platform supoort just like stopped so the official Driver adb was not release after New Update firmware V1.2.4.1 Nokia X Platform. In Official site just release old driver so the smartphone was detected only as MTP mode and PTP mode. its can not detected while the USB debugging activated.
Driver Nokia X Platform V New Updated

Now. I want to share to you the new update driver Nokia X Platform V1.2.4.1. i was  search googling and found the unofficial driver and i did it. the smartphone was detected as adb device and can be detected when USB debugging was activated. you must install it manually from device manager on windows PC.

The next article, i will write how to update adb driver manually and fix error when install its. because the driver is un official so the windows pc will detect as malware and show attention harmfull device.

Well. you can download the driver Nokia X Platform v1,2.4.1 new update please click DRIVER NOKIA X UPDATED .

4 comments for "Driver Nokia X Platform V New Updated"

  1. nokia x ku mati, gk geter gk nyala, driver nokia x nya gk kedetex, cara instal driver ke nokia x yg mati gmana

  2. Mesti di cek arus dulu. kalo mati total gak mungkin ke deteck. nah nanti dari pengecekan arus menggunakan POwer supply. nanti kita bisa tau apakah ada kerusakan hardware atau software.

  3. Anonymous24/2/17

    usb drive is not working.please check it and give a solution
    thank you

    1. This is how to install the driver check it out !