Is True Android Device Must be Installed Anti-Virus?

Are you still hesitate to install anti-virus on your android device. Considered the virus in android device is not as severe and as many viruses on the PC that could cause device performance becomes sluggish and steal user data.
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For devices with the operating system, then we ought to protect the anti-virus. This is to protect the device from viruses, malware, or other system that can damage the Smartphone, spying on Smartphone or even take the personal data stored on the Android smartphone.

The greater Android smartphone users, it more potential attack virus / malware, with a variety of losses that can override the user. As we know the latter often found trojans, malware known to infiltrate our Android devices, which can be entered through a file or files downloaded from the internet application that we install.

You also have to be good at having an existing anti-virus applications. adjust to the specifications of our android device. In order not to reduce the performance of the device because take the resource is too big.

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