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Whats Next ? #Nokia in 2016

After the acquisition is completed. around mid-2016, Nokia plans to re-enter the mobile market. Although this time may not produce a Nokia smartphone until the specified time limit. but Nokia could just released smartphones today through third parties such as foxconn factory that has made Nokia N1, the first of Nokia's tablet based on Android.

Whats Next ? #Nokia in 2016

The latest rumors are quoted from Recode, sourced from Nokia Technologies. one of the three divisions of Nokia which has more than 10,000 licenses, Nokia will enter the mobile phone consumer market. but it also will enter the virtual reality market. and will face competitors Samsung and HTC.

Nokia N1 is the result of the division. Grant a license to foxconn but still using the Nokia brand. With a design made by Nokia. Well reportedly latest products precisely two new products namely mobile and virtual reality will be a new round of rise of Nokia. we'll wait. Whats Next? #NOKIA

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