NOKIA X2DS Error Device Not found on adb Devices

Edwar Ramadhan 12:33:00 AM
 NOKIA X2DS Error Device Not found on adb Devices
During the process of installing playstore or do anything else related to the use adb function in android device that is connected to the PC with the USB debugging mode. find the problem" device not listed" or device not found. it make not respond to the execution.

To check the connection between the PC to the device is connected properly. Well when we type the command "adb devices" if the response device not listed and the process was stopped. Nokia x2 driver is not installed correctly.
There are two steps to resolve this matter.

1. press point 1 on to install the drivers.

2 please go to C: \ Users \ (your username) \ .android then locate the file adb_usb.ini. right click -> edit. and then enter the code 0x0421 and save. or you can download adb_usb.ini. then input into a folder as above. if there is an existing file warning. click replace.
 After that restart your PC.

Well, Do not forget to enable USB debugging on Nokia X2DS

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