Firmware Stock ROM Nokia X2 DS RM-1013 All Product Code

059V780 059V780 RM-1013 NDT EURO RU 059V781 RM-1013 NDT INDIA IN 059V782 RM-1013 NDT MEA 059V785 RM-1013 NDT APAC PH 059V786 RM-1013 NDT APAC ID TRI 059V787 RM-1013 NDT APAC ID PAR 059V789 RM-1013 NDT CHINA CN 059V790 RM-1013 NDT APAC 059W003 RM-1013 Global SWAP 059W0W0 RM-1013 NDT APAC VN 059W0W2 RM-1013 NDT CHINA CN LTE

A few months ago, Microsoft has turned off the server online to download Nokia firmware manually. So the old mobile phones to the latest branded nokia can no longer reinstall firmware if the device is in a State of death. 

In regards to re-install this Nokia branded firmware, Microsoft did provide software called "Nokia software Recovery Tool V 6.0.5" which in pairs through the PC. This software only detects a device in a form already booted and alive. It was once connected with a USB data cable; the device will be detected by the software and displays the type and code of Nokia products. We can also instantly download firmware online, only on devices that are connected. To start the download process requires a data connection to the internet.

Nokia Software Recovery made just for mobile phones Nokia Series 40, Symbian, Meego and Nokia X Platform. Don't hope Nokia devices can be detected by the Nokia Software Recovery Tool v 6.0.5 in case of death. Although in the download mode as on Nokia android based. it will not be able to detect the device. So that, its will not display the types and the products Code and stopped at this stage. The next, it will not be able to download the firmware.

Users of Nokia Old phones can still reinstall firmware on their device, although the device in death. We will be able to flashing it using the old software. The software i.e. Nokia Care Suite. As long as the Nokia device firmware already downloaded first.

For older mobile phones firmware, you can still find it on Google. But for the Smartphone Nokia x-series platform, you will not be able to find it. Even though in the Xda Forum. Especially for Nokia Series X2 Dual SIM RM-1013. 

Well, you don't have to worry because I will share all the firmwares of the Nokia X2 Dual SIM RM-1013 of all existing product codes.

In previous articles, I've shared about two firmware Nokia X2 Dual SIM, both the product code is 059V786 and 059V780. 

Here I'll show link download firmware of Nokia X2 Dual SIM for all the product code :

Note : The file is on exe format. actually, its compress data with zip file. its automatically extract the all firmware files. when you run it, choose folder where you want to place it.

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nokia x2 dual for 059v781 fiemware pls
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I am apologize.
I Just have the firmware version only at article.

You can update the firmware through your device via OTA. after you have installed the previous version firmware.
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I have installed another rom that didn't show me the product code of my device
is there a solution to know it or if you know the product code for nokia x2 DS in Tunisia North Africa that will be awesome.
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the device information is inside, behind the back cover. is also near the battery.
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Sir. Can you please help me. Do you have facebook account? I really need to talk to you about my nokia. I want to go back to stock firmware. I followed the steps. In pc suite. Nothing shown at programming...recovery. Please help me. I don't know what to do. ASAP please.
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you may go to
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sir i want nokia x2ds rm-1013 v2.1.0.13-product code 059v781 firmware urgent please give me..urgent..
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Gan nokia x2 ane ga bisa dead mode (vol down sana power) mohon pencerahannya gan.. Kalo ada kontak minta ya gan ato lokasi agan aja biar ane mampir
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vol down + power sampai muncul logo nokia setelah itu lepaskan. jangan sampai masuk startup. kontak silahkan wa di 081911722083. mohon maaf bila saya jawabnya telat, karena mungkin kesibukan yang lain. lokasi saya di jalan tipar cakung sukapura cilincing jakarta utara. kalo mau mampir silahkan saja.
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Anonymous 15/2/24
I need firmware rm1013 for Nokia x2 ds product code is 059v789