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Effect of Total Core Processor at Speeds Of Android Smartphone

Have you ever been concerned about the speed of a processor of a smart phone what you have. Especially that I will discuss is about the android phone. From there phone specifications that have quad-core and dual-core architecture. Well, how the speed of  smartphone processor.
gambar: prosesor android
Performance of a smartphone is in the measure of the architecture and the core number. eg Quadcore has 4core and Dual core has 2 core. Of course the phone with quad-core processor will be faster in the process of execution, especially in the processing of more than one application or multitasking. so the more the number of cores it will be more faster execution process in some applications or multi-tasking.

Well. difference between quad-core and dual-core will be more pronounced if the current running video editor applications or games  that has a high specification. Smartphone with Quadcore processor will be faster than the dual-core because all the core will work as a whole in the running execution of an application.

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