Tips for choosing a cryptocurrency: Here are six important factors

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Cryptocurrency is a popular digital currency these days. Apart from being a medium of exchange, cryptocurrencies are also widely used as investment assets because their prices are increasing due to high market demand.

Tips for choosing a cryptocurrency: Here are six important factors

Currently, there are more than 6 thousand cryptocurrencies available in the market. The many choices of course make us confused, which is the best cryptocurrency? How to choose the right cryptocurrency to invest in? To understand more deeply, let's look at some tips for choosing cryptocurrencies in the following article

Factors to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency

Here are tips for choosing the right cryptocurrency by paying attention to several fundamental factors such as the origin of cryptocurrencies, how it works, market capitalization, price history, to netizen conversations.

1. Origin of crypto currency

When you want to research cryptocurrencies, you need to first find out where they came from. The reason is, each type of currency has its own history.

Bitcoin, for example, is a pioneer cryptocurrency that was published in 2009 by someone under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. A few days before launching Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper describing a peer-to-peer financial system. The aim is to provide a financial scheme that is transparent and without involving bank or government authorities.

Some time later, Satoshi Nakamoto stopped being involved with Bitcoin development. He handed over the management of the currency to Gavin Andresen, who eventually became Lead Developer at the Bitcoin Foundation.

Meanwhile, the Ether coin came a few years after the issuance of the first Bitcoin. Vitalik Buterin and his colleagues launched Ether in 2013 because they wanted to create a cryptocurrency that not only acts as a medium of exchange, but can also represent real assets such as stocks or property.

In the following years, various variants of other cryptocurrencies emerged as alternatives to Bitcoin. Cardano published in 2017 seeks to solve environmental issues that have become critical of Bitcoin.

By knowing the origins of cryptocurrencies, you can understand more about the purpose for which the coin was created and the extent of its potential in the future.

2. How the cryptocurrency system works

It is important to know how cryptocurrencies work. The reason is, this technology will determine its usefulness and growth potential in the future.

Bitcoin uses blockchain technology with the Proof of Work (PoW) method. This means that everyone can compete to mine Bitcoin by solving complex algorithms. Whoever manages to solve the algorithm, then he will get a reward in the form of coins. However, to mine you need a large amount of electricity and a computer with high specs. Therefore, Bitcoin can be said to be energy-intensive and not environmentally friendly.

Unlike the Proof of Stake (PoS) method applied by Cardano and Solana coins. PoS allows you to mine Bitcoin by storing coins that you have had on the network for some time. As a commission from this, you can get a wage.

This technological system could affect the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the future. If we compare the two working methods above, it is likely that the PoS method will be more popular in the future because of these environmental issues.

3. Market capitalization

Market cap is all crypto assets circulating in the market. By knowing the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency, you can understand how much public interest is in the currency. In addition, this indicator can also be used to measure growth over time. To date, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin are the three coins with the largest market cap.

4. Currency price history

Although the price of cryptocurrencies is very volatile, their movements will form a trend when viewed in the long term. Therefore, historical currency price information is important for those of you who want to make a profit from investing in cryptocurrencies. To analyze currency history, you can use technical analysis with trend line indicators, resistance and support levels, to moving averages.

5. Community chat on the internet

Cryptocurrency prices are heavily influenced by market sentiment. One way to predict market sentiment is to observe community conversations on the internet about cryptocurrencies. That way, you will know people's perceptions about the currency. You can also monitor the social media posts of influential people. For example, Elon Musk whose Twitter tweets often have a big influence on cryptocurrency prices.

6. News about cryptocurrency

News about cryptocurrencies in the media can also affect investor sentiment towards cryptocurrencies. An example is news about the latest government regulations and other important events.

That's an explanation of tips for choosing cryptocurrencies and the factors that must be considered. Doing research before entering into a new investment instrument is the right thing to do. As an investor, of course, you must know what "goods" you will buy later. Hopefully the information above is useful, yes!

Elon Musk's List of Crypto Assets in 2021

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Elon Musk is an influential figure who invests large sums in several crypto assets, namely Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin. The founder of the Tesla company is indeed known as a supporter of the idea of ​​​​a crypto currency.

Elon Musk's List of Crypto Assets in 2021

Not only that, the statements issued by Elon have a great influence on the sentiment of cryptocurrency investors. For example, in 2021, Elon has uploaded pictures of shiba inu puppies on his Twitter account several times. This gesture caused investors to flock to the Shiba Inu coins and sent the price skyrocketing.

Not surprisingly, many people are looking into the coin that the SpaceX CEO owns because of its influence in the crypto market. Let's look at the review of Elon Musk's crypto assets in this article!

Crypto assets owned by Elon Musk

According to Elon, he invested large sums in the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin. Here's a review of each.

Bitcoin (BTC)

In July 2021, Elon Musk admitted that he invested a large amount in Bitcoin. Although it can easily influence the market, he claims he will still make long-term investments in this one currency. Elon does not believe in the scheme of raising prices, then selling them, as many bookies do.

This could mean that Elon believes the value of Bitcoin in the long term will continue to increase, despite price volatility in the short term. Elon's support for Bitcoin is also evidenced by the gesture of Tesla, Elon's electric car company, which accepts payments using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a pioneer of cryptocurrencies that use the blockchain network as the basis of its technology. Transactions with this technology allow us to transact without the intervention of third parties such as banks and the government so as to minimize abuse of authority.

The advantage of Bitcoin is that it is a transparent but secure system. Unfortunately, many critics argue that Bitcoin is energy-intensive and not environmentally friendly. Hence, various alternative currencies called Altcoins emerged to solve this problem.

Ether (ETH)

The price of the Ether coin had jumped dramatically after Elon admitted to investing in Ether. The value of this currency rose 12 percent in one day.
Ether is a crypto asset that is an alternative to Bitcoin which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. One of the advantages of the Ethereum blockchain over the Bitcoin blockchain is its financial product variants.

You can only make transactions and store assets in Bitcoin. Meanwhile, Ethereum provides features that allow you to carry out more complex financial transactions such as accounts payable, project payments, to derivative asset transactions.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

On November 1, 2021, Elon tweeted that he wanted to build a campus that could be paid for with Dogecoin. Elon's post received an enthusiastic response from netizens, thinking that it was a good idea.

This is not the first time Elon has discussed Dogecoin in a tweet. Previously, he had mentioned Dogecoin several times and made the price go up.

Dogecoin is a crypto asset that originally appeared as a joke on the internet to poke fun at the speculative prices of cryptocurrencies. However, in the end the currency with the shiba inu dog logo was realized into real currency. Founded in 2013, Dogecoin is growing rapidly due to its strong online community (Reddit and Twitter).

Predicting crypto market sentiment from Elon Musks statement

At the end of March 2021, Tesla accepted Bitcoin as a means of payment. This makes the price of the currency soar. In mid-May 2021, Elon announced that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin payments due to the huge energy use issue of BTC. The announcement made the Bitcoin price drop drastically.

In mid-June 2021, Elon announced that Tesla was accepting Bitcoin again. As a result, the price of Bitcoin has increased again.

On another occasion, Elon posted a picture of a shiba inu dog that sent the price of the Shiba Inu coin soaring. Afterwards, Elon clarified that he only invested in Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin.

The incident above shows how much influence Elon Musk has on the price movements of crypto assets. So, you can use Elon Musk's statement to predict crypto market sentiment.

You can do this by following Elon Musk's Twitter account. After that, keep an eye on the account's tweets, especially those about cryptocurrencies. Also analyze comments from Elon's tweets. Validate the possible increase in the price of crypto currency via news channels or through the Google search engine.

Of course there are many factors that affect the price of crypto. This step can be one of the considerations in technical analysis of crypto prices related to market sentiment.

Cardano (ADA) is The Hottest Crypto Asset Ahead of The Smart Contract Event

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The Cardano crypto asset (ADA) is recording a surprisingly significant growth. In terms of prices, in the period 20 July - 20 August 2021, ADA has shot up 146.08%. Much higher than Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (EHT), and Binance Coin.

Cardano (ADA) is The Hottest Crypto Asset Ahead of The Smart Contract Event

Quoting, as of 4:15 p.m., the price of Ethereum has jumped 86.36% in the past month. Followed by Binance Coin which rose 64.2% and bitcoin which rose 60.46% in the same period.

In addition to the sharp increase in its price, in terms of market capitalization, surprisingly, ADA has also succeeded in overtaking BNB as the crypto asset with the third largest market capitalization.

Based on trading volume in the last 24 hours, ADA is also the most heavily traded crypto asset in Indonesia. Referring to Indodax and Tokocrypto, ADA ranks at the top of trading volume.

“ADA's price movement has been really hype lately, even though its superior feature, namely smart contracts, is not yet ready. Most likely, this is indeed a lot of investors who are FOMO on this coin because it is predicted to be the next Ethereum killer," explained CEO, Gabriel Rey to

Meanwhile, the CEO of Digital Exchange, Duwi Sudarto Putra, said that ADA is currently focusing on developing smart contract features on its platform. If this development is successful, with the advantages it has, it is not impossible that in the future the price of ADA will rise again.

In addition to the development process, Duwi said, the implementation and the current system as well as strong community support will also be important factors for the movement. If these three aspects are met, it is not impossible that ADA can match and even beat the existing smart contract features

Tokocrypto CEO Teguh K Harmanda also did not deny that Cardano is a coin that investors need to pay attention to for the next few months. According to him, Cardano will receive positive sentiment from the planned launch of the smart contract feature in September.

"This news will be a very good positive sentiment for Cardano and has the potential to cause an increase in the price of the ADA coin," said Teguh.

Meanwhile, the existence of this smart contract will later allow Cardano to incorporate more applications including Decentralized Finance (DeFi) which allows for automated lending and trading features of crypto assets.

Coindesk reports that the service upgrade could put the Cardano network in a better position to challenge Ethereum, which is currently the leader among blockchains with smart contract functionality.

While Gabriel believes that if investors really want to speculate and take advantage of the momentum, there's nothing wrong with looking at ADA. “However, the prospects are actually still a question mark. In terms of technology, it is better, but the ADA ecosystem is not as big as ETH," he concluded.

How to Lock 4G / 5G Force LTE Only On Vivo Smartphone Mediatek and Qualcomm

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How to lock 4G LTE Only signal in Vivo smartphone is the goal to get the power of a stable 4G internet network. Another goal is to avoid changing to other signals. That sometimes changes to 3G and H+ signals suddenly.Lock 4G vivo y series y91c, vivo y15, y95, v7, v9, v5s, y71, v3, y51 are mediatek phone base

How to Lock 4G / 5G Force LTE Only On Vivo Smartphone Mediatek and Qualcomm

For now, indeed the fastest internet network is on a 4G network. Even so, on some smartphone devices, sometimes the operator switches us to 3G networks even H+ or 2G. How do I know if a 4G network is suddenly switched or moved to another signal/network? We can tell by the internet speed. 

Because actually, the internet speed between 4G and 3G network is much different. The internet speed on the 4G LTE network can touch speeds of up to 1 Gbps. While for 3G networks, the highest internet speed is pegged at 672 Mbps.However, back to the condition of 4G signal strength in their respective regions. 

Then can we lock this 4G signal, so it is not changed to another network? Of course you can. 

The following tutorial is a way that can be done to lock or lock 4G LTE Only network on Vivo smartphones. But beforehand, the device installed in your Vivo smartphone must meet the following conditions:

  1. Sim card or SIM card used already support 4G. 
  2. If you haven't already, please go to the relevant SIM card operator's booth at your place. 
  3. This setting is done on a stable 4G network area. 
  4. The SIM card that you want to use for the internet has been registered. If, no, please follow the sim card registration method first. 
  5. The SIM card has internet quota.

How to Lock 4G Signal on Vivo Smartphone with The Help of Third Party Applications 

How to lock other 4G LTE Only signals on Vivo smartphones is by using the help of the application, which you can install directly from the Play Store. Among the applications for 4G network lock settings in the Play Store. 

Here are some apps you can try. 

  1. Force LTE Only 2020 (No Root) for Instruction you need to go  Instruction Force LTE Only 2020.
  2. MTK Engineer App for Mediatek Phone like  y series y91c, vivo y15, y95, v7, v9, v5s, y71, v3, y51.
Follow this instruction :

  • You need to activate Developer Option :
  1. Enter Settings,More settingsAbout phone(Version).
  2. Click seven times at Software version.
  3. Developer options will appear in Settings,More settings.

  • Activate OEM unlocking from Developer Option Setting
  • Run MTK Engineer App and Tap MTK Engineer Menu
  • Tap Network Selection at telephony tab.and then tap SIM option and then Tap LTE Only.

Find My Android and iOs, Here's How The Easiest way

Find My Android and iOs, Here's How The Easiest way

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Finding my device is now easier than ever as a number of tech companies have developed services to search for lost devices. Here's how to find my device for Android and iOS.

Find my android and iOs, Here's how the Easiest way

Well-known tech companies like Google have a Find My Device service that allows users to track the whereabouts of their Android devices.

In addition, Apple also provides a Find My iPhone service to help its users find lost devices. How to find my device for both Android and iOS is quite easy to do.

Here's how to find my device for Android and iOS.

How to Find My Device for Android

Android users can take advantage of the Find My Device service to find lost devices. Before you can use the Find My Device service, make sure that your lost device must:

  1.  The Device On.
  2. Have a Find My Device service that is already active
  3. Already connected to a Google account
  4. Phone location feature is active
  5. Connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data
  6. Visible on Google Play

If you've confirmed all six of the above, you can search for your lost device with these steps.

  1. Visit the link or download the Google Find My Device app on the Play Store and sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Once you select a lost phone, it'll get a notification.
  3. On the map, you'll get information about your phone's location. However, note that the location indicated is approximate. If your phone isn't found, the information that appears is the last known location (if available).
  4. Then, select the action that you want to perform. You can do four things: turn on lock and erase, play a sound, secure your device, and erase your device.
Deleting data and blocking a lost Android device is necessary to do so that the data on that device is not misused. Find My Device service uses tracking feature with the help of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

If you've added a Google account to your device, the service is automatically turned on.

How to Find My Device for iOs

If you're a user of an iOS device, you can use find my find my iPhone or find my iPhone. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to or download the Find My app.
  2. After you sign in to or the Find My app, click Find My iPhone.
  3. Select a device to see its location on a map. If your device is nearby, ring it to help you find it.
  4. Next step, mark your device as a lost device. This remotely locks your device with a passcode. On your lost device will also appear a special message containing your phone number. In addition, this step is also useful to keep track of your device's location.
Through the Find My app, you can also erase your device to prevent data misuse on the lost device.

If your lost device is covered by AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, you can file a claim for the lost or stolen device.

 On Child Development, This Is the Influence of Gadgets

On Child Development, This Is the Influence of Gadgets

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On Child Development center, This Is the Influence of Gadgets

The easiest way for today's parents to calm a fussy child is to give them gadgets. However, did you know that this habit is not actually recommended, you know.

According to data reported by the New York Times, 70 percent of parents admitted to allowing their child (age 6 months – 4 years old) to play mobile devices, when they were doing household chores. In addition, 65 percent do the same to calm your child when in a public place.

According to a psychologist professor from Temple University, USA, this phenomenon is really dangerous. The expert said that if children can not escape from this "digital candy", it can have a negative influence on their social development.

Influence The Child's Mental

According to a psychology professor from Iowa State University, playing video games can increase the likelihood of depression in a child. He conducted research to find out about the relationship between video games and cases of depression in children and adolescents. According to him, when the child has a problem, the easiest escape by playing video games. So, what's the impact?

Unwittingly, it will lead to dependency and cause them to become increasingly isolated from social life. As a result, they will be prone to depression when "forced" to deal with the real world. Not only that, when researched further, the influence of gadgets on children also makes their learning values tend not to be good.

The reason is simple, children often prioritize playing gadgets compared to learning. Therefore, parents should always supervise the use of gadgets in children. For example, limit the duration of use to two hours a day for children, or a maximum of three hours for those in their teens.

Disrupted Sleep Schedule and Quality

Gadgets and electronic gadgets that are in the children's room, may have a negative influence on the rest time. For example, viewing social media, watching videos, playing games, or chatting for hours, doesn't rarely make them sleep late. According to experts, parents should not put TVs and computers in the child's bedroom. Not only that, try asking them to turn off their phones at bedtime. Because, playing mobile phone before bedtime can also decrease the quality of sleep.

According to a study, 75 percent of children aged 9-10 who use gadgets in the bedroom, experience sleep disorders that have an impact on their decreased learning achievement.

The Reality Is Inversely Proportional

It is no secret, now many parents who give their children a variety of gadgets for daily needs. Well, do you know how the children's lives of the bosses of giant gadget companies like Microsoft and Apple? Maybe you imagine that the boys are always surrounded by sophisticated devices. Well, the irony is that Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs kept their children away from the device.

Microsoft's big boss didn't let his three children own their own phones before they turned 14. Despite his children's protests, Gates remained on his stance. Then, when his son had a cell phone, Gates kept his usage strictly set. The reason, the billionaire does not want his children's lives disturbed by the presence of various kinds of sophisticated gadgets.

As for Jobs, it's another story. She doesn't allow her children to use iPad tablets. He also banned his children from bringing gadgets to the dinner table during dinner with the family. As a result, her children are not dependent and addicted to gadgets.

4 Tips How to Fix an Overheated Smartphone

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4 Tips How to Fix an Overheated Smartphone - The smartphones we use are basically an added complement to our lives. But as we increasingly rely on smartphones, we may feel helpless when traveling without carrying the device.

Similarly, during ramadan, we often rely on the camera on the smartphone to record sahur moments, breaking the fast and fasting or playing games. As a result, smartphones often get hot due to their relentless use. To prevent this, you can follow these tips:

Rest your smartphone

Say goodbye for a while on your social media pages and let your smartphone you used to rest. Yes! This method can at least cool the smartphone, because the light on the screen does not turn on.

Store in the shade

Avoid putting your smartphone in direct sunlight, especially during very hot days. Smartphones are one of the electronic devices that are prone to weather and will turn off automatically once the internal temperature reaches a certain point.

Lower the screen brightness level

The higher the brightness level of the screen on the smartphone, the more battery power capacity is required. This will result in a large use of energy that causes heat in the body of your smartphone.

Close game apps

Opening mobile game apps usually drains more battery power in smartphones. If this activity is done for a long time, then it may cause the performance of the chipset installed in the smartphone to be heavy and can cause heat.

To prevent overheating or overheating on smartphones used to play games for a long time, OPPO presents an intelligent solution. With the Multi-Cooling System technology presented in OPPO Reno5 F, you don't have to worry about smartphones getting hot anymore.

This technology is able to increase heat dissipation efficiency by 30% due to long-term use of heavy applications. In addition, the technology is able to read and analyze data from the temperature sensor located on the inside, then use it to estimate the temperature of the back cover to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

OPPO Reno5 F also has a smart temperature controller that can balance it with the performance of the device based on its daily usage scenarios. The Multi-Cooling System feature has a considerable role to keep the temperature stable when the game is running for a long time.

Wireless Air Charging Technology The Future of Recharge battery

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Wireless Air Charging Technology The Future of Recharge battery

After the success of superfast charging technology with its Super VOOC, OPPO made another breakthrough in terms of charging their phones with a technology called Wireless 'Air Charging

This technology allows your phone's battery to charge without being wired or attached to a special tray that stays in one place. Currently there is not much information about the technology used by OPPO in detail, but we will try to explain how this water charging works or working principle.

The technological breakthrough exhibited by OPPO at MWC Shanghai 2021 showed that Wireless Air Charging is already able to run, not the concept like a few years before.

Broadly speaking, this method basically uses the way it works just like wireless charging. It's just undergoing further development, to be completely wireless and free from the need to be induced directly with resources.

Simply put, this air charging uses an antenna array consisting of "beacon antennas" and "receiving antennas". Where the Beacon Antenna serves to transmit signals in the size of a "millimeter wave" tape to the receiving antenna or filler pole.

Just to remind this millimeter wave covers a frequency range of 30 to 300 GHz.

Well, a flare antenna that also consists of many of these antennas will have several tasks at once. First it will determine precisely where the phone has the receiving antenna, then the second task is to send a millimeter signal to the specific receiving antenna.

This signal is then received by the receiving antenna and then processed into the form of electrical energy through a certain component so that it is able to charge the phone battery without having to stay in one place.

Don't you think? The future of charging the battery of mobile phones and other devices will be increasingly sophisticated and not troublesome to users anymore. OPPO itself has embedded this feature into OPPO X 2021 phones that can already be tried by visitors mwc Shanghai 2021.

Oh yes still remember with OPPO X 2021? It's a phone that has a scrollable screen. So the phone screen can be like a regular phone and can be as wide as a tablet with just an easy mechanism. So can't wait, right?

 Google Doodle Celebrates Laura Bassi, The First Female Physicist to Get a PhD in Europe

Google Doodle Celebrates Laura Bassi, The First Female Physicist to Get a PhD in Europe

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Google Doodle Celebrates Laura Bassi, The First Female Physicist to Get a PhD in Europe

Google Doodle Celebrates Laura Bassi, The First Female Physicist to Get a PhD in Europe - Today's Google doodle Saturday, April 17, 2021 celebrates the 289th anniversary of Italian physicist and academic Laura Maria Caterina Bassi, the first woman to earn a doctorate in science in Europe.

Right on this day, in 1732, Bassi successfully defended his 49 theses to obtain a PhD from the University of Bologna. Doodle honors her achievements and her efforts to give women a proper place in academia.

The main focus of Google's doodle artwork is a portrait of Laura Bassi surrounded by textbooks, each colored according to the lettering of the "Google" logo. In the background, you can see mathematical and physical elements, including Cartesian fields and Newton's swings.

Laura Maria Caterina Bassi was born in Bologna, the Papal State now better known as Italy in 1711. At the age of 20, Bassi debated top academics on the history of philosophy and physics which was a rare achievement in which women of that era were largely excluded from higher education. After the defense of her thesis, Bassi became the first female member of the Bologna Academy of Sciences, one of Italy's leading scientific institutions.

Due to gender discrimination, her position at the Academy was restricted, but Bassi persisted. Bassi then interned under a distinguished Bologna professor to study Newtonian calculus and physics, a discipline that was spread in Italy for nearly 50 years.

Bassi has remained steadfast in fighting for gender equality in science and physics education throughout her career.

Her efforts came to fruition in 1776 when the Bologna Academy of Sciences appointed her professor of experimental physics — making Bassi the first woman to be offered an official teaching position at a European university.

Bassi was awarded a doctorate in science and became the first woman in history to earn a PhD.
The public honored Laura Bassi by calling her "Bolognese Minerva," referring to the goddess of Roman wisdom. Laura Bassi is known to have died on 20 February 1778, in Bologna, Italy at the age of 67.

4 Mobile Legends Heroes To Be Released in 2021, OP All?

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4 Mobile Legends Heroes To Be Released in 2021, OP All? - Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends has given a leak of the latest ML hero that will be released in 2021. Curious?


 As the developer of Mobile Legends, Moonton is never absent in releasing the latest heroes that can be an option for the players.But, before entering the original server, the latest Mobile Legends heroes will usually be released on the advance server.

Moonton has also provided a number of leaks about the latest heroes that will be released throughout 2021 following the presence of Yve and Beatrix.
Well, want to know who are the heroes who will crowded the Land of Dawn? Let's check out the release schedule of new heroes of Mobile Legends 2021 below!

1. Gloo

Gloo is already present on the advanced server. This hero was reportedly released on the original server on April 16, 2021 along with the latest Mobile Legends patch update version 1.5.70.

Gloo is already present on the advanced server. This hero was reportedly released on the original server on April 16, 2021 along with the latest Mobile Legends patch update version 1.5.70.

Looking at Gloo's skills, many speculate that he will become one of the best tank heroes in Mobile Legends. What are Gloo's advantages?

Gloo's main strength lies in his ultimate skill, Morph. When using this skill, Gloo will split itself into 12 parts in the form of jelly.

All the parts affected by the enemy will give you Magical Damage and reduce the enemy's Movement Speed. Gloo can also stick to enemies such as parasites.

2. Phoveus

Phoveus with the code name Shift Punisher will be the 106th hero to be demoted on the Global Server. However, there is no exact date for the release of this hero yet.

Phoveus with the code name Shift Punisher will be the 106th hero to be demoted on the Global Server. However, there is no exact date for the release of this hero yet.

Phoveus is a Mobile Legends Fighter hero who has Magical Damage and can become a counter hero with specialization blink and charge.

Although it is said to be very overpowered, but Phoveus's skill is quite elusive. Moreover, his skill 3 can only be used when there are enemies dashing nearby.

3. 109th Hero

109th Hero

Still a rumor, Moonton reportedly will release the 109th hero who is the brother of Gusion. He is also said to be a powerful assassin hero.

From his tapilan, this hero does have a resemblance to each other with Gusion who is his brother. He looks handsome in style like his brother.

Unfortunately, Moonton still hasn't given a name for this 109th hero. In addition, it is also uncertain whether this hero will actually be released or not.

4. Great Dragon

In the last rumored list is the Great Dragon. The great dragon seems to be yu zhong and zilong's teacher.

In the last rumored list is the Great Dragon. The great dragon seems to be yu zhong and zilong's teacher. Although the design of this hero visual has been circulating a lot in the virtual world, unfortunately there is no certainty about the explanation or release date of this hero.


Well, that's the list of new heroes of Mobile Legends that will reportedly be released in 2021. But, it does not close the possibility that there will be other heroes besides the jaka reviewed above.
Some heroes have got an official release date from Moonton, while some are still rumors that can not be ascertained.

Read Also : How do i fix high ping and lag when playing Mobile Legends 

Realme Narzo 20 Pro With Super Fast Charging

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Realme Narzo 20 Pro With Super Fast Charging

Comes with Super Fast Charging

Realme Narzo 20 Pro With Super Fast Charging - After successfully introducing fast charging technology, SuperDart 65W in realme X50 Pro 5G and realme 7 Pro, realme is again bringing its "charm" to more affordable products for young people. In line with the theme of active young people, love to play games, do not want to wait long for the phone charging process, narzo 20 Pro is the best fit to bring the flagship feature of realme.

But that doesn't mean other parts are left alone. Design for example, this part remains beautifully polished. Returning to using unique coloring is difficult to capture using the camera, as it will depend on the angle at which the light comes. It is as if the beauty is reserved only for our eyes and those around us who see it directly with our own eyes. 

Price: IDR 3.399.000 
Color: White Knight, Black Ninja 
Sales Package: realme Narzo 20 Pro, USB Type C data cable, 65W SuperDart adapter, protector case, pin ejector, manual, Protective film (attached), Warranty card

How do I fix game ping problems? in Mobile Legends, FreeFire and PUBG Mobile

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Mobile Legends is one of the oldest MOBAs available for mobile devices and therefore has a very wide player base. Like all other online games, Mobile Legends requires a fast and reliable internet connection to play lag-free matches. But the increased ping has created a lot of problems lately. So here we will help you with some tips & tricks to fix high ping in Mobile Legends.

How do I fix game ping problems? in Mobile Legends, FreeFire and PUBG Mobile

Tips & Tricks to fix high ping problem in Mobile Legends

How do I fix game ping problems? in Mobile Legends, FreeFire and PUBG Mobile

Let's check out some ways to improve network connectivity while playing Mobile Legends.

1. Install Pinger Game from Google PlayStore and Run it.

2. Tap the Fab + Icon to Create a new network Ping URL. You should fill in the entries below: highly recommend:

- Entry URL: or (recommend using links with local servers. You are free to fill in any links).

- Display Name: Fill in Any Name (If empty it doesn't matter)

- Package Size: 1

- Number of pings: Remain Blank for unlimited pings

- Ping Interval: 1 (second).

Tap Ok.

3. Select the Network Ping URL that was created in No.2 above.

4. Tap Start to Start the Ping process.

How do I fix high ping and lag? Use Pinger Game Anti Lag Tool For Mobile Online Gaming

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Lag is a choked or choppy effect when playing online games. This is due to an unstable, slow, and even intermittent internet connection. As a result, we are often annoyed.

How do I fix high ping and lag? Use Pinger Game Anti Lag Tool For Mobile Online Gaming

Technically, the lag can be seen from the signal indicator in the game in the form of a signal strength icon and latency number which is marked in milliseconds or MS (Millisecond) units.

Here's how to prevent lag when playing online games is to use the Pinger Game application - Anti Lag tools for Mobile Online games.

Pinger Games is an application that functions to prevent unstable, slow, even intermittent internet connections and latency delays or network lags in playing online games. This application is very light to use when playing online games such as Battle Royale Multiplayer :( FF, PUBG, etc.) and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA): MLBB, etc.

It can also be used as a Ping Booster for playing games on PC if you Install it on android device and activate Tethering Wireless Hotspot.

How to use ? :

1. Install Pinger Game from Google PlayStore and Run it.

2. Tap the Fab + Icon to Create a new network Ping URL. You should fill in the entries below: highly recommend:

- Entry URL: or (recommend using links with local servers. You are free to fill in any links).

- Display Name: Fill in Any Name (If empty it doesn't matter)

- Package Size: 1

- Number of pings: Remain Blank for unlimited pings

- Ping Interval: 1 (second).

Tap Ok.

3. Select the Network Ping URL that was created in No.2 above.

4. Tap Start to Start the Ping process.

If there is an unstable signal effect, you can lock the LTE Only network with the Force 4G LTE Only 2020 application that we have built.

Instructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free Version

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The Force 4G LTE Only 2020 application is a shortcut application to be able to access activities from a hidden android system that functions to lock the LTE Only, 4G Only and 5G Only network mode.

Instructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free Version

There have been complaints written by users who installed this application in Google Play and gave 1 star. This is our concern as a developer. this means that this application does not work as expected. We try to be able to help all Android users and because of the limited tools to test this application.

So the function of this application depends on the ROM on the Android device the user is using. due to fragmentation problems and AOSP modifications made by the respective cellphone vendors. We create different shortcut keys.

Therefore, there are several ways to lock the LTE Only Network using the Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free version application.

Method 1:

Instructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free VersionInstructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free Version          Instructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free Version

SIM 1 as a data connection

2. Select Menu SIM 1 Only - LTE Swithcer 1 / LTE Swithcer 2 / One UI 3.0 Android 11 - Select LTE Only in the Set Preferred Network Type section

Note: One UI 3.0 is exclusively for Samsung galaxy with One UI 3.0 Android 11 ROM

If it displays an error message it means that your phone does not support this function. Please use method 2.

Method 2:

Instructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free VersionInstructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free VersionInstructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free Version

2. Select the menu Testing Setting - Testing Setting 1 / Testing Setting 2 - Device information - Select LTE Only in the Set Preferred Network Type section.

If method 1 and method 2 display an error message it means that your cellphone does not support the two methods above, please use method 3

Method 3:

Instructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free VersionInstructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free VersionInstructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free Version

Instructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free Version

2. Select SIM 1 Only - Hidden Activity (waiting for loading all activities of System app installed) - In the search box, type "RadioInfo" - select the activity - select LTE Only (4G Only) or NR Only (5G only)

3. If you long press on an activity Radio Info you can create a shortcut on the Home screen. so you don't bother like the steps above. you can directly access it from the Home Screen menu.

Instructions Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Free Version

If you activate LTE Only and the Mobile Operator you use does not support VOLTE. You cannot make and receive calls. even use USSD to check credit or quota amount.

How to Lock LTE Band Selection On Samsung Galaxy Without Root

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 Hello Everybody ! now i will Share tips how to Lock LTE Band on Samsung Galaxy device. With this tutorial we can lock Frequency of LTE Band frequency networks. so that the connection becomes more stable.

How to Lock  LTE Band Selection On Samsung Galaxy Without Root

This method is specifically for Samsung Galaxy. Because the default hiddennetwork system application is available. for devices with other brands and types, I haven't tried it.

Please follow the following methods:

1. DOWNLOAD Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Pro application from Google Play

2. Run the Application

3. Select SIM 1 Only menu, then Hidden Activity

4. wait to load until 100%

5. tap the search box type Hiddennetwork

6. In the call setting section, there is a hiddennetwork activity.

7. Long Tap 3 options will appear: Create Shortcut, Launch Activity, Edit Shortcut. I recommend Select Create Shortcut to make it easier for us to enter network activity mode without having to bother opening the Force 4G LTE Only 2020 Pro application.

8. Please select Launch Activity to enter the system Network Mode to select network mode.

9. tap the three-line menu in the left corner. select Band Selection to lock LTE band. please select a frequency band then slide the toggle selection to activate it.

Alternatively, if all button doesnot support your device ROM caused by new update lika Android 11 or old Android version please try Method 2 below : 

2. Run The Application. select SIM 1 Only - Hidden Activity - type "Radio Info" in Search Box - select the Activity that shown below for like RadioInfo
3. Select the LTE Only at set Preferred network type.
4 done
5. if you want to create shortcut to home screen : Long Tap the App and then select create shortcut and then ok. 

WA Status Saver Lite Apk free Download

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WA Status Saver Lite is an smallest and simple apk to save images and videos from statuses other people wa friends.

WA Status Saver Lite Apk free Download

How to use ?
1. Open your Friends status
2. Run " WA Status Saver Lite "
3. it will show up your Friends statuses on Recent tab
4. you can tap "save: icon in the right bottom side and automatically moved to saved tab.


1. Open your friend status or story
2. Run Wa Status Saver Lite
3. Select one items, in the item detail you can tap "save" , "Repost", "Share" icons.
4. if you choose "Save" it will show in the gallery and saved tab.