How do I fix high ping and lag? Use Pinger Game Anti Lag Tool For Mobile Online Gaming

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Lag is a choked or choppy effect when playing online games. This is due to an unstable, slow, and even intermittent internet connection. As a result, we are often annoyed.

How do I fix high ping and lag? Use Pinger Game Anti Lag Tool For Mobile Online Gaming

Technically, the lag can be seen from the signal indicator in the game in the form of a signal strength icon and latency number which is marked in milliseconds or MS (Millisecond) units.

Here's how to prevent lag when playing online games is to use the Pinger Game application - Anti Lag tools for Mobile Online games.

Pinger Games is an application that functions to prevent unstable, slow, even intermittent internet connections and latency delays or network lags in playing online games. This application is very light to use when playing online games such as Battle Royale Multiplayer :( FF, PUBG, etc.) and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA): MLBB, etc.

It can also be used as a Ping Booster for playing games on PC if you Install it on android device and activate Tethering Wireless Hotspot.

How to use ? :

1. Install Pinger Game from Google PlayStore and Run it.

2. Tap the Fab + Icon to Create a new network Ping URL. You should fill in the entries below: highly recommend:

- Entry URL: or (recommend using links with local servers. You are free to fill in any links).

- Display Name: Fill in Any Name (If empty it doesn't matter)

- Package Size: 1

- Number of pings: Remain Blank for unlimited pings

- Ping Interval: 1 (second).

Tap Ok.

3. Select the Network Ping URL that was created in No.2 above.

4. Tap Start to Start the Ping process.

If there is an unstable signal effect, you can lock the LTE Only network with the Force 4G LTE Only 2020 application that we have built.

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