Lock 4G 5G Force LTE Only On Vivo Mediatek and Qualcomm

How to lock 4G LTE Only signal in Vivo smartphone is the goal to get the power of a stable 4G internet network. Another goal is to avoid changing to other signals. That sometimes changes to 3G and H+ signals suddenly.Lock 4G vivo y series y91c, vivo y15, y95, v7, v9, v5s, y71, v3, y51 are mediatek phone base

How to Lock 4G / 5G Force LTE Only On Vivo Smartphone Mediatek and Qualcomm

For now, indeed the fastest internet network is on a 4G network. Even so, on some smartphone devices, sometimes the operator switches us to 3G networks even H+ or 2G. How do I know if a 4G network is suddenly switched or moved to another signal/network? We can tell by the internet speed. 

Because actually, the internet speed between 4G and 3G network is much different. The internet speed on the 4G LTE network can touch speeds of up to 1 Gbps. While for 3G networks, the highest internet speed is pegged at 672 Mbps.However, back to the condition of 4G signal strength in their respective regions. 

Then can we lock this 4G signal, so it is not changed to another network? Of course you can. 

The following tutorial is a way that can be done to lock or lock 4G LTE Only network on Vivo smartphones. But beforehand, the device installed in your Vivo smartphone must meet the following conditions:

  1. Sim card or SIM card used already support 4G. 
  2. If you haven't already, please go to the relevant SIM card operator's booth at your place. 
  3. This setting is done on a stable 4G network area. 
  4. The SIM card that you want to use for the internet has been registered. If, no, please follow the sim card registration method first. 
  5. The SIM card has internet quota.

How to Lock 4G Signal on Vivo Smartphone with The Help of Third Party Applications 

How to lock other 4G LTE Only signals on Vivo smartphones is by using the help of the application, which you can install directly from the Play Store. Among the applications for 4G network lock settings in the Play Store. 

Here are some apps you can try. 

  1. Force LTE Only 2020 (No Root) for Instruction you need to go  Instruction Force LTE Only 2020.
  2. MTK Engineer App for Mediatek Phone like  y series y91c, vivo y15, y95, v7, v9, v5s, y71, v3, y51.
Follow this instruction :

  • You need to activate Developer Option :
  1. Enter Settings,More settingsAbout phone(Version).
  2. Click seven times at Software version.
  3. Developer options will appear in Settings,More settings.

  • Activate OEM unlocking from Developer Option Setting
  • Run MTK Engineer App and Tap MTK Engineer Menu
  • Tap Network Selection at telephony tab.and then tap SIM option and then Tap LTE Only.

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