Find My Android and iOs, Here's How The Easiest way

Finding my device is now easier than ever as a number of tech companies have developed services to search for lost devices. Here's how to find my device for Android and iOS.

Find my android and iOs, Here's how the Easiest way

Well-known tech companies like Google have a Find My Device service that allows users to track the whereabouts of their Android devices.

In addition, Apple also provides a Find My iPhone service to help its users find lost devices. How to find my device for both Android and iOS is quite easy to do.

Here's how to find my device for Android and iOS.

How to Find My Device for Android

Android users can take advantage of the Find My Device service to find lost devices. Before you can use the Find My Device service, make sure that your lost device must:

  1.  The Device On.
  2. Have a Find My Device service that is already active
  3. Already connected to a Google account
  4. Phone location feature is active
  5. Connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data
  6. Visible on Google Play

If you've confirmed all six of the above, you can search for your lost device with these steps.

  1. Visit the link or download the Google Find My Device app on the Play Store and sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Once you select a lost phone, it'll get a notification.
  3. On the map, you'll get information about your phone's location. However, note that the location indicated is approximate. If your phone isn't found, the information that appears is the last known location (if available).
  4. Then, select the action that you want to perform. You can do four things: turn on lock and erase, play a sound, secure your device, and erase your device.
Deleting data and blocking a lost Android device is necessary to do so that the data on that device is not misused. Find My Device service uses tracking feature with the help of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

If you've added a Google account to your device, the service is automatically turned on.

How to Find My Device for iOs

If you're a user of an iOS device, you can use find my find my iPhone or find my iPhone. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to or download the Find My app.
  2. After you sign in to or the Find My app, click Find My iPhone.
  3. Select a device to see its location on a map. If your device is nearby, ring it to help you find it.
  4. Next step, mark your device as a lost device. This remotely locks your device with a passcode. On your lost device will also appear a special message containing your phone number. In addition, this step is also useful to keep track of your device's location.
Through the Find My app, you can also erase your device to prevent data misuse on the lost device.

If your lost device is covered by AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, you can file a claim for the lost or stolen device.

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