How to Maximize The Features of an Android Smartphone?

How to Maximize The Features of an Android Smartphone?

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Although the android smartphone has been used of the most people. Partially of them are not yet maximize of their device feature. Perhaps caused by unknown user's about the important features from a Smartphone.

How to Maximize an Android Smartphone?
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Here I summarize some of the features that I found it when googling and i was quoted from some website which I will share below !

1. Set mobile data limit

The Mobile Operators Indonesia provide internet data plan with quota base. The tarif is very expensive. so that, we can save the internet data usage with mobile data limit which is the main android feature.

How to set mobile data limit?

Go to setting and then choose data usage. Activate mobile data limit and setup it at graphic line. Red line is sign of limit Quota data. The Yellow line is sign of warning quota data.

2. Make long - lasting the battery

If The Phone has a battery saving mode, you can activate it. Make it automatically when the power percentage is reach low level ( 15% or 5 % is usually an option for a newer model ).

In battery saving mode is usually disable or decrease level some features such as decrease brightess level, disable GPS and location etc. This simple trick can gives you an extra 1 hour or more of active battery power when you're not able to do the rechargeable battery .

3. Google Now

Google Now is a voice assistant for google search. The users only say the keyword  and automatically result search will appear. This is a useful when they are open Google Maps while their hand were busy driving.

4. Developer Mode and USB debugging

We can get feel as a developer. activate it if you want to make modification the phone and make it quickly performance. USB debugging is a feature that connect the phone trough PC as debug USB mode.

Xmodgames Claims "No Risk Ban" of Supercell

Edwar Ramadhan 12:48:00 AM Add Comment - Related Issues announcement of supercell about their Fair play Policy. Supercell Will Permanently Ban of The COC "Cheaters", It was wrote by Supercell staf on their Official Forum page. Many COC users are affraid get banned if using Mod or bot by Xmodgames App. so that, There are many comments on the official Xmodgames facebook page.
Xmodgames Claims "No Risk Ban" of Supercell
Official Xmodgames Facebook Page

As quoted from a post on official Xmodgames facebook page. '' Keep Calm and be Confident with Xmodgames. Dear Xmodder, Warm prompt: After COC/Boom Beach/Clash Royale updates next time, do NOT launch them from Xmodgames until Mod has been updated. We've received the feedback about Supercell Announcement and this issue claims our highest attention now. So far, there is no problem to play games: Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale with Xmodgames . It is no need to worry about it so please stay calm. We will keep hard working to provide you better gaming experience. Change isn't necessarily bad thing. Maybe we can make Big progress through this change. Enjoy your day!''. posted at april 19, 2016.

 Although Xmodgames claims safe to used. but  we can try to play this games and enjoy it without any cheat of third parties software. Supercell wants to keep the safe games and fair for every body. therefore made this agreement. Stay be carefull and use it wisely.

Supercell Will Permanently Ban of The COC "Cheaters"

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 Supercell will permanently ban of The COC "Cheaters"
News on Coc Encouraging Fair play
On April 18, 2016. at local time. Supercell staff was announced fair play policy of Clash of Clans games. This announcement has wrote on the Supercell official forum. Quoted from it, "As part of our Fair Play policy, players using prohibited 3rd party software will face disciplinary action, including but not limited to: permanent ban."

Supercell has the goal to provide a level playing field for everyone. And consider “bot” and “mod” use cheating, and strongly encourage players to remove any aforementioned programs from their devices.

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By offering this warning, they hope to give all players a chance to enjoy their games the Fair way. For further details of fair policy you can clik this link. You can read the frequently answer question below quoted by the Supercell Forum.

Fair Play Q&A

Q:Why did you initiate a mass ban?
A:To keep our games safe and fair for everybody.

Q:Why now? Hasn’t this been going on for a while?
A:We’ve always taken action against players utilizing 3rd party software. Advances in tools have given us the chance to be more proactive than ever. We intend to do more in the future.

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Q:What if I used Mods in the past, but not anymore? Will I be banned?
A: Nope. Only accounts currently using 3rd party software will be affected.

Q:Will everyone be banned at the same time?
A: Not really. The Ban will roll out in stages.

Q:How do you detect modified accounts?
A:Psychic octopus.

Q:What if someone’s banned accidentally?
A:Our systems are robust, false positives may still be possible. We will swiftly reverse any mistakes made.

Q: Will players with Jailbroken, or rooted devices be banned?
A: Nope!

Q:What if I use Bluestacks or other emulators? Will I be banned for that?
A: No, but for practical support related purposes, we encourage you not to use them.

Q:When will you be banning people?
A: Bans will be ongoing, beginning in the coming weeks.

Happy Clasher. Be Honestly !

Email Facebook Service Will be Shut Down

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At may 1, 2016. Facebook was Announced will stop the email service that sent to This is quoted on official page any time ago. One things reason is the most people not necessary this service. And Facebook can focus on improving their social media app and messenger. - At may 1, 2016. Facebook was Announced will stop the email service that sent to This is quoted on official page any time ago. One things reason is the most people not necessary this service. And Facebook can focus on improving their social media app and messenger.

New Update CyanogenMod 11 Nokia X2DS Released at 04-April-2016

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Good News for Nokia X2DS user with CyanogenMod 11.  At april 4, 2016. It has been released new update CM 11. The update is fix some bugs and increase performance. How we can update it?

New Update CyanogenMod 11 Nokia X2DS Released at April 04 2016

We can get installing an update CM 11 via OTA ( Over the Air). You can go to setting - about phone- Cyanogenmod updates. Tap on the check symbol  and then tap download icon. After the download was finished and then tap install it. The phone will restarting and install it immediately. Please wait untill the installation was done
Important ;   Update Via OTA is necessary  TWRP recovery V 

If you install CM 11 for first time You need to download Custom rom in Zip file and install it manually.

Download Custom rom below:

cm-11-20160404-UNOFFICIAL-ara.zip04-Apr-2016 11:16219M

For the installation work you are need Custom recovery v2.8.1.0. and tutorial for installation manual please go to Install Custom ROM CM 11 On Nokia X2DS RM-1013. I  has been create tutorial video for update CM 11 via OTA below ! please watch it carefully .