How to Maximize The Features of an Android Smartphone?

Although the android smartphone has been used of the most people. Partially of them are not yet maximize of their device feature. Perhaps caused by unknown user's about the important features from a Smartphone.

How to Maximize an Android Smartphone?
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Here I summarize some of the features that I found it when googling and i was quoted from some website which I will share below !

1. Set mobile data limit

The Mobile Operators Indonesia provide internet data plan with quota base. The tarif is very expensive. so that, we can save the internet data usage with mobile data limit which is the main android feature.

How to set mobile data limit?

Go to setting and then choose data usage. Activate mobile data limit and setup it at graphic line. Red line is sign of limit Quota data. The Yellow line is sign of warning quota data.

2. Make long - lasting the battery

If The Phone has a battery saving mode, you can activate it. Make it automatically when the power percentage is reach low level ( 15% or 5 % is usually an option for a newer model ).

In battery saving mode is usually disable or decrease level some features such as decrease brightess level, disable GPS and location etc. This simple trick can gives you an extra 1 hour or more of active battery power when you're not able to do the rechargeable battery .

3. Google Now

Google Now is a voice assistant for google search. The users only say the keyword  and automatically result search will appear. This is a useful when they are open Google Maps while their hand were busy driving.

4. Developer Mode and USB debugging

We can get feel as a developer. activate it if you want to make modification the phone and make it quickly performance. USB debugging is a feature that connect the phone trough PC as debug USB mode.

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