Download Default Font Nokia X2 Dual SIM

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Did you have change font On Nokia X2 Dual SIM ? if no please go to How to change Fonts On Nokia X2 Dual SIM . I have written it on previous article. Now you want to get back default font and forget to backup it before. Don't Worry about it ! i have backup it and will share to you.

Download Default Font Nokia X2 Dual SIM
How to change font to be default. you can download default below. extract it and then copy all files to sytem fonts. its like change font on previous article. You may go to  How to change Fonts On Nokia X2 Dual SIM .

 I have created tutorial video to get easy and clear for do it. please see it carefully and Do With Your Own Risk.

Link : Default Font Nokia X2DS.Zip
Link : FFF Tusj Font Nokia

4 Tips on Choosing the Right Smartphone

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suggest smartphone 4 Tips on Choosing the Right Smartphone
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Smartphones make our lives easier, because they were created to make all human activities well managed. Emails, meetings, photos, location sharing, music, connecting with friends via social media, all are made easier and can be managed using our fingertips. Here are some tips for choosing a smartphone.

  1. Make sure you really need a smartphone: Using a smartphone requirees knowledge, and costs more for an internet data plan. If you do not need all the features of a smartphone, why not use a regular feature phone that can connect to the internet instead?
  2. Adjust your budget: Don’t buy a smartphone that does not fit your budget. Once bought, the value of a smartphone falls fast. Do note that there are a lot of good smartphones with competitive prices in the market from less famous brands.
  3. Find a suitable OS (Operating System): Searching for an OS that suits you is like searching for a soulmate. There’s Android, BlackBerry, iOS (Apple) and Windows Phone; which one suits you? Usually the one that is widely used by the people around you, with a wide network of sales and service centers. Or if you’re an independent person, choose whichever you like.
  4. Play around and be happy: Follow the steps above, explore, smartphone

Tips Safety Using Smartphone

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Smartphones, as their name suggests, are cellular phones whose intelligence are considered to be on par with a PC.  Intelligent tools also require intelligence from its user to operate them.  The most fundamental thing that is often overlooked by smartphone users is security.  Many users are oblivious to this, and the end results are disastrous.
Tips Safety Using Smartphone
Here are some tips so that users can be at ease and secure in using their smarphones:

1.  Password
Always use a password.  There are no good reasons in putting off using passwords on your smartphone.  The use of passwords is the most basic thing that should be adopted by smartphone users.  Use unique and unconventional passwords.  Do not use things such as date of birth, nicknames, and cities you live in as passwords.  Instead, use something uncommon and difficult to guess.

2.  Applications
Smartphone users are spoilt for choice when it comes to applications that are interesting.  However, do note that even the status of interesting apps need to be checked.  As best you can, download apps directly from its official app market places.  Ignore download URLs from sources outside the official markets of the smartphone manufacturer or OS.  Pay attention to ratings, comments from users on the download page, and also read (if possible) the entire terms and conditions of the application.

3.  Contact Data
Store your contacts’ data with proper names.  Avoid using nicknames like dad, mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, and others.  Use real names in order to avoid trouble should the smartphone fall into the wrong hands.

4.  Update
Always update your smartphone’s operating system to the latest version.  Routinely updating your smartphone helps to optimize its security.  Also, avoid jailbreaking or rooting iOS and Android devices whenever possible.  For those unfamiliar with smartphone security, jailbreaking and rooting are processes that remove all the security features

How to change Fonts On Nokia X2 Dual SIM

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In default setting we can not find set up fonts style on Nokia X2DS. Even we know Nokia X2 DS using Android base. but don,t worry we can customize it we likes. Now i will share to you how to customize fonts system on Nokia X2DS.
How to change Fonts On Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Because of bored with default setting fonts its one reason me to change fonts, so do you? you may follow instruction below.
  Preparation :
1. You must Root your Phone  here
2. Download Fonts file for example download FFF tusj Fonts here
3. Download Root Explorer on playstore

How to :

1. Backup first default fonts to other folder or copy its to other folder
2. extract fonts file which downloaded, copy and replace to ROOT/SYSTEM/FONTS with Root explorer
3. restart the phone

You can follow tutorial video below for more clear.

Download Link Other Fonts Below :
  1.  Caviar Dream
  2. Roboto
  3. Walkway
  4. Komika Text

Download FFF tusj Fonts For Nokia X2 Dual Sim

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I have create tutorial how to change fonts on Nokia X2 Dual SIM. Now i will share to you fonts for Nokia X2 Dual SIM. its named FFF Tusj. you do not need any change file. just copy the three files and replace to system fonts on Nokia X2DS.
Download FFF tusj Fonts For Nokia X2 Dual Sim

Download FFF tusj Fonts For Nokia X2 Dual Sim

You can request to me other fonts and i will share to others. You can suggestion the interesting fonts and i will upload and share to Other.

Detail File:
Name : FFF Tusj
size : 2,8 MB


Link : FFF Tusj

Note : Backup or copy Default fonts file to other folder . if you do not bakcup its you may download default font below

Link : Default Font Nokia X2 Dual