The Seven Best Crypto Staking Places !

In the crypto world, there are many ways to make money other than trading, one of which is staking. In an analogy, staking is similar to bank deposits in that you deposit some money in the bank within a certain time and earn interest.

The Seven Best Crypto Staking Places !
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In crypto, the term staking means that an investor puts a certain amount of crypto in a protocol that serves staking which you are then entitled to a return on.

Conceptually, deposits do have a period of time where your money cannot be withdrawn. However, in crypto, some staking protocols have a flexible staking feature which means that crypto can be withdrawn at any time without any penalty fees.

Here are the best crypto staking places based on return and security and the variety of crypto that can be staked.

1. Binance

Binance offers stablecoin staking at relatively high interest. For staking BUSD and USDT, Binance charges a rate of 0.28-8% per annum depending on the number of stablecoins staked.

In addition to stablecoins, Binance also offers staking of a variety of selected coins/tokens via the DeFi protocol. There are 284 coins/tokens that you can stake on Binance with varying yields. The minimum capital for staking on Binance varies according to the coin/token to be staked

In terms of security, Binance is one of the exchanges that is very responsible for handling cases that are not user fault, such as hacks.

Binance has a SAFU mechanism with insurance funds taken from trading fees to back up unforeseen events. In addition, Binance received an AAA rating on the cybersecurity agency ranking


Pintu is a crypto exchange in Indonesia that offers a staking feature. Here, you can stake USDC and USDT stablecoins with interest starting at 5% per annum. You can also stake 8 other coins/tokens at competitive rates. In addition, if you are staking Pintu Token (PTU) you will get an additional bonus interest.

Interest payments at Staking Doors are made hourly and capital can be withdrawn at any time and there is no minimum amount of capital for staking.

For regulatory and security issues, Pintu is one of the crypto exchanges that has been registered and has received permission from CoFTRA and also Pintu ensures that the user's capital on the Staking PINTU is safe.

3. Coinbase

Coinbase, one of the oldest crypto exchanges finally offers a staking feature with yields of up to 5.75% per year. You can stake stablecoins USDC, USDT, and DAI, as well as 6 other coins. The staked capital can be withdrawn at any time and the minimum stake for staking on Coinbase is $1.

In terms of security, Coinbase has also been tested in cybersecurity and obtained an AAA rating by

4. Triv

Triv is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in Indonesia that was founded in 2014. Triv offers staking with varying interest rates of up to 13% per year and there are 21 coins/tokens that you can stake on Triv. To start staking at Triv, you need a minimum capital of IDR 100 thousand.

5. FTX

FTX is a wallet that is at the same time a staking platform. What's unique about FTX is that users don't need to take any steps to stake.

Users only need to make a deposit to the FTX wallet and the crypto that is deposited will be automatically staked. Staking interest at FTX is 8% per annum on all assets for the first $10 thousand deposit. Further 5% interest per year on deposit after the first $10 thousand.

The crypto that can be staked on FTX is quite varied but more tokens from the Solana ecosystem.

Previously, this platform was called Blockfolio, which served as a portfolio tracking application. This platform was acquired by FTX which subsequently rebranded Blockfolio to FTX while FTX became FTX Pro.

For security issues, FTX and FTX Pro are backed up in terms of funds by Sam Bankman Fried and Alameda Research.

6. Nexo

Nexo is a crypto deposit platform that offers 31 crypto deposits of choice with varying interest rates of up to 16% per annum. The choice of stablecoins on Nexo is more than any other platform, namely: USDT, USDC, BUSD, USDP, TUSD, and DAI and with competitive interest rates of up to 8% per year.

Interest is given per day and you can also choose flexible staking or locked staking with extra bonus interest.

Nexo guarantees user funds are safe and insured with a custodial fund of $775 million in case of unexpected events such as hacks.

Interest on staking on can be said to be very competitive because the interest on staking stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, and DAI is 6.5% per year. In addition, there are more than 40 coins/tokens that can be staked with an interest of 3 – 12.5% per year.

You can also stake Chronos (CRO), which is a utility coin from to get extra bonus interest.

In terms of security, is ranked 1 based on the ranking of


Not everyone wants to deal with the market, that is, by trading. In crypto, there is a staking method with potential profits in the form of interest that is suitable for some people who want to keep earning but not by trading.

In choosing a staking place, it is also necessary to look at the needs when staking such as the coins you want to stake and the type of staking whether flexible or fixed. In addition, it is necessary to consider the potential interest that will be obtained and the security of the place of staking.

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