USA : What is the Cheapest Car insurance Near Me ?

Edwar Ramadhan 3:29:00 AM

Our study data shows that USAA offers the cheapest car insurance rates, with Geico directly after.

What is the Cheapest auto insurance near me ?

Drivers with a net record can expect to pay an average of under $1,000 for coverage with USAA. It is important to note that USAA provides insurance only to military members and their families. 

If USAA isn't the choice for you, Geico might. The average premium is around $150 more for similar coverage. Your actual rates may vary, based on factors including the amount of coverage, what you drive, and where you live.

Average Rates 2022:

USAA: $999.74

Geico: $1,147.62

State Ranch: $1,267.27

National: $1,326.83

Tourist Lot: $1,371.29

American family: $1,371.38

Progressive: $1,532.72

Farmer: $1,916.57

All states: $2,046.78

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