The Color Of The Country's Flag Is No Purple, Why ?

The Color Of The Country's Flag Is No Purple, Why ?

As a state identity, each country's flag in the world has its own uniqueness and history.There are several unique colors and elements found in the flag, such as the dragon on the flag of Wales, the eagle on the flag of Mexico, and the star on the flag of the United States.Each of these flags must have a certain meaningful color. But are you aware, that no country has a predominantly purple flag?What is the reason? Is it because purple is similar to Thanos' skin color?

Causes of flag color none purple

The cause is actually simple, because in ancient times, to make purple was very expensive and took a lot of effort.The natural purple dye in the past was almost entirely sourced from a single species of sea snail harvested in a small part of the Mediterranean region.It takes as many as 10,000 snails just to produce one gram of dye alone.This is what makes purple worth more than gold in the era before the 19th century.At that time, 1 gram of purple dye was equivalent to 3 grams of gold. Although purple clothes used to exist, this color was mostly worn by very wealthy people and members of the royal family because it was rare.Using purple into the flag is not worth the cost.

Purple color has a bad meaning

Each color has a different meaning We all know that the meaning on the Indonesian flag is red to be bold, and white to be holy.Likewise with the color purple, in many countries, this color symbolizes grief and death.In Italy, the color purple is considered bad luck because it symbolizes mourning.In the United States, the 'Purple Heart' is a military award awarded in the name of the President to people injured or killed in the line of duty.

Synthetic purple color was only discovered in 1856

The status of purple, which is classified as a 'sultan' and complicated color, changed forever in 1856, when an English student, William Henry Perkin, discovered how to make a synthetic purple color, not necessarily using sea snails.It made the purple color even more 'popular' and popular in the 1900s and above.Those are some unique facts why the color of the flag of the country is not predominantly purple.Reported by WorldAtlas, of the 195 countries in the world, only Dominica and Nicaragua are the only countries that have purple elements on their flags, although only a few.

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