WA Status Saver Lite Apk free Download

Edwar Ramadhan 1:24:00 AM Add Comment

WA Status Saver Lite is an smallest and simple apk to save images and videos from statuses other people wa friends.

WA Status Saver Lite Apk free Download

How to use ?
1. Open your Friends status
2. Run " WA Status Saver Lite "
3. it will show up your Friends statuses on Recent tab
4. you can tap "save: icon in the right bottom side and automatically moved to saved tab.


1. Open your friend status or story
2. Run Wa Status Saver Lite
3. Select one items, in the item detail you can tap "save" , "Repost", "Share" icons.
4. if you choose "Save" it will show in the gallery and saved tab.