Why is TikTok getting banned ?

Why is TikTok getting banned

Chinese technology companies are again in the spotlight of the United States (US) government. After ZTE and Huawei, this time the US government is eyeing TikTok. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US government was considering blocking TikTok and other Chinese social media. 

The reason is no different from blocking Huawei, namely a threat to national security. The US government is concerned that social media like TikTok will share user data with the Chinese government. Reuters reported, Pompeo warned US residents who use TikTok. 

 "Unless you want personal information to be in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party," Pompeo said. TikTok representatives did not hold back on Pompeo's statement. TikTok claims the US government's allegations of user data security are false. 

"We never gave user data to the Chinese government, even though we were asked to provide it," explained a TikTok representative. This China-based subsidiary of ByteDance informed that the CEO of TikTok is an American citizen. Hundreds of employees and top brass in the security, protection, product, and public policy divisions, also filled by employees of US nationality.

 "We have no other priority besides promoting a safe experience for users," explained TikTok, summarized by Teknokia from The Verge, Wednesday (8/7/2020).  Previously, the Indian government blocked 59 Chinese-made apps, including TikTok and WeChat for the same reason. The Indian government claims that blocking dozens of applications can protect the privacy and data security of its citizens. However, TikTok expressed its defense. 

"TikTok will continue to comply with personal data protection and security regulations under Indian law, and not share our users' information in India with foreign governments, including the Chinese government," TikTok claims. China has also been known to be trying to get rid of the 'made in China' stamp. such as moving headquarters outside of China, and looking for US CEO figures.

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