This Feature Can Prevent Theft of Personal Data on Smartphones

This Feature Can Prevent Theft of Personal Data on Smartphones

Not only as a means of communication, smartphones also offer a variety of other uses for consumers, such as tools for doing work, entertainment devices, recording devices, to personal assistants. Even today, smartphones are often used as digital wallets. When the smartphone function becomes a tool for digital transactions, it needs to be balanced with a qualified security system. This is to prevent theft of data and confidential information belonging to users.

Personal data on smartphones has the potential to be digitally stolen through various cyber attack techniques such as phishing, malware, or malicious applications or even conventional techniques such as smartphone spying or peeking at the screen. Various information contained there such as personal data, money in the application, or contact lists can be easily shared or misused by cyber criminals. This is OPPO's concern to protect the privacy and data of smartphone users.

To provide better privacy, OPPO introduced the Smart Spying Prevention technology at OPPO Reno4. This technology will hide the contents of the notification when someone else looks at the smartphone screen that is being opened by the user. To enable the Smart Spying Prevention feature, users need to register a face first so that the smartphone camera recognizes it as the legitimate owner of the cellphone. After this feature is active, users do not need to worry about the possibility that the contents of application notifications on smartphones can be tipped off by other people while on public transportation.

When users install new applications, sometimes they are not aware that some applications require approval to access sensitive things on smartphones such as contacts, cameras to take photos, and location. Even some applications require access to more personal data which are often ignored by users who voluntarily give access permission to be able to retrieve their personal data.

On OPPO Reno4 devices, users don't need to worry about this bad possibility because of the Personal Information Protection feature. When this feature is activated, the system will automatically determine several malicious applications that try to read personal information and provide information in the form of blank data to avoid data leakage. Users can activate this feature by going to the option [Settings]> [Privacy]> [Personal Information Protection]> switch to [Smart Protection] to activate. When it is active, the system will automatically protect Call History, Contacts, Messages, and User Activities.

In connection with digital payments that are increasingly plural, OPPO also provides data protection options in the form of Payment Protection. This feature will perform an automatic scan of the payment application and protect it from data breaches. Still related to digital payments, OPPO also provides a Secure Keyboard feature. In this feature, the device will automatically change the default keyboard to OPPO Secure keyboard when the user needs to enter sensitive information. OPPO Secure keyboard will not record information entered by the user such as passwords, connecting to the internet network or the autocomplete feature.

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