Tips on Renting Hotels in Indonesia for Honeymoon via Mobile Applications

Tips on Renting Hotels in Indonesia for Honeymoon via Mobile Applications

Towards the end of the year, besides being busy with holiday schedules, September to December is also often dubbed as the peak season of marriage in Indonesia. At least, based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2016 alone there are more than 1.8 million marriages per year in Indonesia, most of which are conducted at the end of the year.

Talking about marriage, can not be separated from the affairs of the honeymoon or honeymoon holidays. Usually, the moment becomes a quality time for couples who are happy. For that, careful planning is needed so that the holidays can be truly quality.

Smartphones and travel services are two important things in planning. With so many mobile applications that offer a variety of interesting services to fill a vacation, of course, it can make a honeymoon couple can easily and quickly get a choice of travel packages, hotels, and other facilities just through a smartphone.

For those who are designing holidays, one mobile application that has a myriad of interesting services, Traveloka, offers 4 important tips for choosing the right hotel or place to stay. Anything?

1. Choose the right location

The priority of couples on their honeymoon is different from ordinary tourists. Although they still want to have fun and explore tourist attractions in a city, honeymooners also want more privacy so they can enjoy time together. Therefore, choose the right location - which is located quite close to the city center, but not too crowded by tourists.For example, when honeymooning in Bali, instead of staying in the center of the Seminyak area, choose a hotel located in Uluwatu. 

This area is still fairly quiet, with far fewer tourists. That way, you can access tourist attractions around the hotel, but still, have the privacy and tranquility to spend time in the hotel with a partner.Until now, Bali is still a favorite destination in terms of honeymoon, both for Indonesian and foreign couples. In 2018, Bali ranked first as the most popular honeymoon destination on Instagram, followed by the Maldives, Thailand, Italy and Mexico Islands. Bali also received the 2019 Brides Honeymoon Award with the choice of the best honeymoon suite in the world.

2. Choose accommodations with honeymoon packages or all-inclusive

To enjoy every moment of the honeymoon without stress, it's good for couples to choose a resort or hotel that has a honeymoon package or an all-inclusive package. In a honeymoon package, couples will be spoiled with a variety of five-star services, ranging from a spa package together, a romantic dinner, to sweet and luxurious room decorations. The all-in package from the hotel makes it easy for you and your partner to relax at the hotel, without having to think about food choices, rent transportation in the destination city, and so on.

Not only at hotels, but special honeymoon packages are also available at travel agencies such as Traveloka. Traveloka offers a special bundling promo, which is a booking plane and hotel tickets with a combination of discounts that can save a honeymoon budget.

3. Choose the best room type

Honeymoon is a moment that only happens once in a lifetime. To start a household trip with a loved one, celebrate by staying in the best type of room in the hotel. Classrooms such as honeymoon suites have been designed so that they are located in a quiet and uninterrupted part of the hotel. Quality linen, the comfort of the bed, to a luxurious bathtub is available to pamper you and your partner.

Not only that, but this type of room is also usually equipped with the most charming views - whether it's facing the beach or the beautiful mountains. With the right type of room, you and your partner will feel comfortable spending quality time the first time as a husband and wife.

4. Pay attention to hotel facilities

To choose the right hotel for your honeymoon, don't forget to pay attention to the facilities offered by each hotel. Do you want to stay in a room that has a private pool or bathtub? Do you want to choose a hotel that has an airport pick-up and delivery services?

Now, the presence of mobile application technology at Traveloka allows each couple to choose the desired hotel facilities. In Traveloka, couples can check the facilities they want, then Traveloka will filter out hotels that are guaranteed to have these facilities. Couples can also submit special requests, such as early check-in or breakfast delivered to the room. Traveloka will forward this message

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