How to Change the Language of the Xiaomi Amazfit Sport Smartwatch into English.

Edwar Ramadhan 7:30:00 AM
When you have purchased the device “ Amazfit Sport Smartwatch is still in Chinese language. Don't worry; I will guide you to change the language into English.
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How to Change the Language of the Xiaomi Amazfit Sport Smartwatch into English.

Follow the Guide Amazfit to change the language into English

Some of the things you need:
1.Download the driver at the end of this article. This software that makes your PC can communicate with Amazfit and change it to English.
2.USB Cable.
3.Charging Dock
Follow the steps below:
1.Extract and click the driver.exe. After that the blue box will come out

2.Answer "Y" to all the questions given

3.Connect the Amazfit to the PC using the USB cable

4.On the Windows Start Menu, search "CMD"

5.You will see the "Command Prompt" appears in the search bar

6.Right click and select "Run as administrator"

7.Command Windows will appear on your screen PC

8.In the Command Windows Type "adb kill-server" and press enter

9.Type in "adb start-server" and press enter

10.Type "adb shell" and press enter. You will see a prompt that reads "shell@watch:/"

11.At the last type ""setprop persist.sys.language en"" and press enter

12.Type in "adb reboot". Amazfit will do a reboot.
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