SOLVED 3 tricks Google Play Store Experience Authentication Errors

Edwar Ramadhan 3:37:00 AM
In addition to the failed download apps in the Google Play Store, Android users are also often faced with the problem of Google's authentication prevents users sign in to Play Store.

Such problems typically encountered when a user has just updated the Android devices. Good update is an upgrade of the OS, or simply patches the security holes or security patch.

When you try to open a Play Store, users will usually get a warning message reads "Google Play Authentication is required." Well before users can access the back Play Store without having to reset the device, then the following trick three very worthy for you to try.

1. Remove Google account 

1. Remove Google account

a. Please go into settings-Account-Google > >

b. Select the icon three-point which is at the right top corner of your device and tap "Remove account"

c. Select "Add account" to log into your Google account

2. Clear the data of Play Store 

2. Clear the data of Play Store

a. Please go into settings-> > Running Apps-Google >-Play Store

b. Select the clear Data button to delete data

3. Uninstall update Play Store 

3. Uninstall update Play Store
Repeat steps 2a and select the Uninstall button updates

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