WhatsApp on BlackBerry Devices by the end of 2016 ?

Edwar Ramadhan 12:47:00 AM
Whatsapp has announced that it will end its support with Blackberry devices at the end of December this year. So, the most of Blackberry devices will not be able to use the popular application “Whatsapp”.

WhatsApp on BlackBerry Devices by the end of 2016?

Which BlackBerry devices are supported? 
According to teknokia quoted from official Whatsapp Blog. That support this application just stopped on a device that brings the Blackberry OS and Blackberry 10 platform.
Will the Whatsapp not supported on blackberry devices with OS android device like the BBTEK50?  
Recently, the Blackberry device with Android OS released as BB TEK50. Of course, because it uses the Android OS, so the Whatsapp Application is still about supported and can be used on it.

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