Secret Code Red Blinks Light Notification on Blackberry Smartphone

Edwar Ramadhan 10:41:00 PM
TEKNOKIA - On the Blackberry smartphone is not off of the light in the top right corner that often flashes. This LED is indeed provide information to the user as a notification light if there is incoming messages or missed calls. 

Not merely a notification light only. Twinkle lights that have secret information that damages if smartphone problematic. Well, any damage is marked with red color lights with different flicker or we often call it Red Blink. 
 Secret Code Red Blinks Light Notification on Blackberry Smartphone

Here we can find out what damage through red blink, flicker intensity that could be interpreted as a specific code. 
The trick with plug in battery charger, then count the blinks red light.

These Codes are as follows:

1.1: not a problem, this code is a normal restart

2.11 : no operating system inside blackberry, do the reload of the operating system with MFIS

3.101: Bad CRC OS

4.111: Missing OS CRC

5.1011: Missing OS Trailer

6.1101: OS Not Signed, try loading the OS back

7.1111: OS Signature Invalid, try loading the OS again and let it die without a battery for nearly 30 minutes, then try to turn on again. If the error message still appears, try doing the replacement of flash.

8.10101: Unknown Flash Manufacturer, try doing a flash replacement

9.10111: Flash Initialization Problem, try doing a flash replacement

10.11011: Flash Erase Failure, try doing a flash replacement

11.11101: Flash Operation Out Of Range

12.11111: Bad CRC BootROM, try doing a flash replacement

13. USB Driver Error: 101011

14.101101: No BootROM CRC

15.101111: Flash Write Failure, try doing a flash replacement

16.110101: Invalid Memory Configuration Table

17.110111: Password Not From

18.111011: RAM Initialization Problem, try doing a flash replacement

19.111101: No Cache Pages Free

20.111111: Cache Invalid Page Type

21.1010101: Random Number Failure

22.1010111: OSStore Failure

23.1011011: Security Init Failure

24.1011101: NAND failure

25.1011111: General Assert Failure

26.1101011: GPIO failure

27.1101101: Runtime library failure

28.1101111: Exception: undefined instruction

29.1110101: Exception: SWI

30.1110111: Exception: Prefetch Abort

31.1111011: Exception: Data Abort

32.1111101: Exception: Reserved

33.1111111: Exception: IRQ

34.10101011: Exception: FIQ

1 show the flicker and 0 indicates absence of flicker
And we also can perform further improvements based on the code shown BlackBerry through the notification light.

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