Launch time Pokémon Go in Indonesia is Still a Question Mark

Edwar Ramadhan 11:44:00 AM
Then when is Pokémon Go to be released for a variety of other countries, including Indonesia? - Pokémon Go games, catch Pokémon monsters in the real world, was finally officially released on this month. But new users of iOS and Android around the Americas and Australia can enjoy it.

Then when is Pokémon Go to be released for a variety of other countries, including Indonesia? 

In the description of the official release of the game, the Pokémon Company and game developer Niantic Labs recently mentioned the next release plan in Canada, Europe, and South America. It seems that Indonesia has yet to get it going in the near future.

In addition, the Pokémon Go is a result of problems whose popularity soared directly. So game-based augmented reality (AR) was released, people flock to download and play it. The effect of mass invasion even then makes the server repeatedly uprooted.

The people in the country that it should already be able to access your Pokémon Go thus could not open their account.

"Our Server is experiencing problems. Please come back later, "so it is written on the screen to log in the game. 
As reported by the from Forbes, Friday (8/6/2016), Niantic Labs, had to work hard to stabilize the server that overwhelmed it. In addition they need to increase its capacity before deciding to give the access game on millions of other people around the world.

Pokémon Go has indeed made a lot of people curious since Nintendo first announced his death. Because this game is promising the thrill of catching a Pokémon in the real world, things have never been offered before.

This game uses the AR technology to realize the sensations. Any development work closely with Niantic Labs, one of the subsidiary Alphabet known as game maker AR,Ingress te. 
Download the APK in Indonesia 
Even though Pokémon Go has not yet been released officially in Indonesia, there are also people who have already tried it and play it. Here's how by downloading the APK file this link and put it on an Android phone.

That way, you could try Pokémon Go but with some limitations. One of them is the unavailability of the Pokémon Trainer Club features to create a global account and play Trading Card online.

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