How to Fix The Battery Consumption Wasteful on Lenovo A7000 With Android M

Why the battery consumption wasteful on Lenovo A7000 after upgraded to Android Marshmallow version 6.0

How to fix the battery consumption wasteful on Lenovo A7000 With Android M

Now Lenovo A7000 has been get the latest update firmware to Android marshmallow 6.0. The latest update was shown at june 17, 2016. The build number version of latest firmware is A7000-a_S225_160517_ROW. This update goes to fix bugs and increase performance of the device system.

As long as I try this device with android 6.0 in some days with normal usage and default setting. I was found a problem the battery consumption wasteful. In one days I could recharge the battery three times. even I just used two messenger application whatsapp and BBM, only  a games Clash of clans, browsing with google chrome and operamini.


Why this the Battery Consumption wasteful  happen to Android M version 6.0

I wondered,  why the device with Android 6.0 wasteful batteries in usage normally. Even though before it updated and it still using android 5.0 lollipop. it was not as wasteful as after update to the latest firmware. So that, i have do trial. The trial is recharge the battery until full and then the device have not doing any activities without touched by me. But the data connection is switch On. The result is the device was many  receive notification from some application.  It could be drain the battery power till 40 %

How to fix the battery consumption wasteful on android M 6.0

Quoted from various source evidently this problem caused by an application running on the background. It is auto start application and running on the background automatically. It can do connect to the internet and do synchronizing.  Actually Google in Android 6.0 has already preparing the feature to disable or restriction auto start application on the background.  Go to  setting – power Manager – background App Management. Choose restrict all application if you want to disable auto start. For recommend  the messenger application like whatsapp and BBM no need to restriction. Because They are important and needs connect to the internet for receive message syncronice data.

We can also activate battery saver feature. This feature will disable all activities the application. All application would not connect to the internet even though the internet data setting is switch ON. But if we Run an application. It would back normally.

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