Watch out! Addiction to Use Mobile Can Disrupt Spinal Healthy

Mobile phones and gadgets is one thing that can never be separated from the life of modern man like this. In all daily activities, it could not be separated from the existence of a cell phone or gadget. But you know, play phones or gadgets that too much would be fatal to the health of the spine. Moreover, if the play has been performed since the mobile phone is still a very early age or children.

Several recent studies reveal if playing phones or gadgets can make the spine is damaged and vulnerable to various health problems. Quoted from page, a spine specialist in New South Wales, Dr. James Carter revealed that this time there was an increase damage to the spine. Even more surprising, the damage suffered by adolescents and children of school age. This in itself is a cause of damage to the influence of a cell phone or gadget. And for doctors Carter, this case has been a very serious case.

Watch out! Addiction to Use Mobile Can Disrupt Spinal Healthy
Neck bones were disturbed because most mobile games | Photo: Copyright

According to Dr. Carter, the influence of the phone was not only spark spinal damage only. Furthermore, the mobile phone could also cause damage to the spine to the neck bone. If you have this, this can be a heavy influence on the happy hormone endorphin release. Dr. Carter said "This condition is called 'the neck'. The habit bowed his head when he saw the phone for hours at a time, this triggers the extensive damage to the spine of the human body, spine and neck bones."

The researchers say if the mobile phone play, everyone can spend at least 4 hours or more a day. Then, within one year only, to play a mobile phone, a person can spend at least 1,400 hours in a year to head down staring at the phone. Normally, the human head weighs only 5-5 kg. But, when his head down at an angle of 15 degrees, the neck could bear the brunt of equal 12:25 kg. Alternatively, a heavier burden if menunduknya too low.