New Update Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10586 Through the Fast Ring

New Update Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10586 Through the Fast Ring
This morning (19/11), Microsoft released an updated Windows Mobile Insider Preview 10 new, updated Build 10586. This is a continuation of the previous version, the Build 10581. Update this time presenting several bug fixes and improved overall performance. This update comes through Over-The-Air (OTA), but with a few notes.
Gabe Aul, Corporate VP, Systems Engineering Team, Microsoft said that if the Build 10586 is quite good overall, and you (especially Windows Insider members) should try it. For those of you Lumia users who are currently using Build 10 581, be sure to read the issues that are under before the update yes.
Here are some of the issues that have been fixed in Build 10586:

  •     Start screen repair issues that error after upgrade / restore backups of Lumia with different screen resolutions.
  •     If the previous Build you can not change the default storage through the Storage menu, the Build this time you've been able to convert it to SD card or internal memory to normal.
  •     Issue move apps to the SD card that cause the application to be error has been corrected.
  •     Improved overall performance for the application "Messaging + Skype". The increase occurred either through an application update in the Store and from the server.
  •     Faster application migration / pause "resuming / loading" shorter.
  •     The camera button function should return to normal (if not earlier).
  •     Download the application via the Windows Store is now more smoothly.

Issues that still exists on the Build 10586:

  •     Microsoft found a bug that could cause Lumiamu experienced a reboot loop (continue to reboot the time of entry into the Windows logo) if you do an update from Build 10 581 to 10586. To fix this, you can use the combination to perform a hard reset (you can read here). You can also perform the recovery process using the Windows Device Recovery Tool, to follow the way here. With a bug like this, make sure you have done a backup before running the update process to Build 10586 yes.
  •     Deploy applications (other than the UWP) through Silverlight is still not able to Build this, you have to wait until Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, November 30 later.
  •     Insider Hub is not available in this build. You can use a PC Insider Hub through other means.

We've tried to update from Build 10 581 to 10 586 on the Lumia 930. Build Update runs smoothly without experiencing any issues reboot loop after installation is complete. Still we recommend to backup your data before updating yes.
Source: Windows Blog