Nokia Care Suite For Lumia Nokia X platfrom and Asha

Nokia Care Suite is Official Software from Nokia. its use for facing problem software on Nokia Device. Nokia Care Suite is always updated every new device launching. so for new device owner like Lumia and Nokia X2 . You must be install latest Version.

How to Reflash Nokia X XL X+ And X2 Dual SIM

As i mentioned above Nokia Care Suite is Official software used by Nokia's Technicians so we will not lost guarantee if any problem in use this software.

Nokia Care Suite includes lots of things like Data Package Manager, IMEI Reader, Multi Software Updater, Product Support Tool for Store and few more.

Overall it got almost every tool which you need to flash the software on your Nokia mobile phone again to make it work as brand new and I’m going to share the direct download link of the same. The software is hard to find generally but I’m going to help you out in that.

There are certain Nokia mobile phones which come with capability to flash latest firmware updates automatically but not all of them and also it’s not an easy process due to the reason we need to visit Nokia Care. But this isn’t going to be the case anymore.

You can now directly download any firmware version (latest and old) for any of your Nokia mobile phone (including Asha and Lumia series) and update their softwares pretty easily.

There is one more software which comes included which can even repair the dead phones (as told by the phone repairer). So this is another reason why you should use this software named Nokia Care Suite.

I’m mentioning different versions of the software down here and you need to get the appropriate one after checking the right version and matching your supported model number of your phone.
Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0

NCOM Support: All NOL users will be soon transferred to another domain (NCOM) which requires new authentication channel and credentials.

This release supports changing the credentials, account expiration scenario and usual FiRe login use case.

OS Integrity check for Nokia X devices.

Support for new devices: RM-983, RM-984, RM-985, RM-1013, RM-1014, RM-1015, RM-1016, RM-1017, RM-1018, RM-1019, RM-1020, RM-1049, RM-1061, RM-1087.

Here is the direct download link now.

DOWNLOAD PST – Direct Download Link
Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0

This is another newly released version which comes with lots of features like,

Multi IMEI Reader support for Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

Support for new products: RM-981, RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1030, RM-1042, RM-1043, RM-1045, RM-1053.

Here is the download link for this particular version,

DOWNLOAD PST – Direct Download Link
Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0

Supported products are – RM-974, RM-975, RM-976, RM-977, RM-978, RM-979, RM-1010, RM-1027.

Here is the download link now,

DOWNLOAD PST – Direct Download Link
Nokia Care Suite 5.0

This particular version is supporting the Nokia X series phones.

DOWNLOAD – Direct Download Link
Nokia Care Suite

Products Supported in RM-969, RM-970, RM-971, RM-986, RM-987 Download Full Version Download only MSI File.

DOWNLOAD – Direct Download Link

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Lumia Nokia X had one of the most successful brand. and further updated every new device such a important function lunch in this devise.

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links not working... please update for RM-1013 care suite