New Update Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10586 Through the Fast Ring

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New Update Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10586 Through the Fast Ring
This morning (19/11), Microsoft released an updated Windows Mobile Insider Preview 10 new, updated Build 10586. This is a continuation of the previous version, the Build 10581. Update this time presenting several bug fixes and improved overall performance. This update comes through Over-The-Air (OTA), but with a few notes.
Gabe Aul, Corporate VP, Systems Engineering Team, Microsoft said that if the Build 10586 is quite good overall, and you (especially Windows Insider members) should try it. For those of you Lumia users who are currently using Build 10 581, be sure to read the issues that are under before the update yes.
Here are some of the issues that have been fixed in Build 10586:

  •     Start screen repair issues that error after upgrade / restore backups of Lumia with different screen resolutions.
  •     If the previous Build you can not change the default storage through the Storage menu, the Build this time you've been able to convert it to SD card or internal memory to normal.
  •     Issue move apps to the SD card that cause the application to be error has been corrected.
  •     Improved overall performance for the application "Messaging + Skype". The increase occurred either through an application update in the Store and from the server.
  •     Faster application migration / pause "resuming / loading" shorter.
  •     The camera button function should return to normal (if not earlier).
  •     Download the application via the Windows Store is now more smoothly.

Issues that still exists on the Build 10586:

  •     Microsoft found a bug that could cause Lumiamu experienced a reboot loop (continue to reboot the time of entry into the Windows logo) if you do an update from Build 10 581 to 10586. To fix this, you can use the combination to perform a hard reset (you can read here). You can also perform the recovery process using the Windows Device Recovery Tool, to follow the way here. With a bug like this, make sure you have done a backup before running the update process to Build 10586 yes.
  •     Deploy applications (other than the UWP) through Silverlight is still not able to Build this, you have to wait until Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, November 30 later.
  •     Insider Hub is not available in this build. You can use a PC Insider Hub through other means.

We've tried to update from Build 10 581 to 10 586 on the Lumia 930. Build Update runs smoothly without experiencing any issues reboot loop after installation is complete. Still we recommend to backup your data before updating yes.
Source: Windows Blog

Backup Contact and Message to SD Card On Lumia WP 8.1

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Backup Contact and Message to SD Card On Lumia WP 8.1
You are Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 users who have an external memory or SD-Card is now able to perform backup phonebook, SMS and MMS you to external memory using the system application "contacts + message backup" of Microsoft today (25/04) officially released.

Later, if you have already downloaded "message backup contacts +", then the options / settings menu will appear in a new menu called "contacts + message backup". Thus, it should be known that the application system will not appear in the application list or in the main screen.

"contacts + message backup" will be able to make backups of all the phone book, SMS and MMS along with attachments that you have and will be stored in external memory / SD-Card in the folder "backup + restore". The format used for backup result is a list of telephone VCF format. While the for SMS and MMS using the XML format.

Later, you can restore all the phonebook, SMS and MMS to Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 are the same or different by using the results of the backup file.

Keep in mind, the current application system "contacts + message backup" only supports Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 which has an external memory slot / SD-CARD. If you do not have a slot Lumia external memory / SD-CARD, it will be useless if you do download this application because the system can not be used.


     Lumia Windows Phone 8.1
         Special Lumia with external memory / SD-Card



Download Link ;

     "contacts + message backup" for Lumia Windows Phone 8.1

Record Video "Slow Motion" in the Lumia 930 & 1520

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Record Video "Slow Motion" in the Lumia 930 & 1520
Microsoft Mobile recently updated application "Windows Camera" for users of Lumia 930, Lumia Lumia Icon and 1520 have been using Windows 10 Mobile (currently only for Insider Preview version) that now you can download it directly from the Windows Store in your Lumia.

In this latest version, "Windows Camera" already has the ability to record video "slow motion" with 720p video quality. Not only capable of recording video "slow motion", but after you record the video, you can also edit video if you want to change the speed of the video at certain moments.

How do if you want to record video "slow motion"? It was easy, you simply enter the application "Windows Camera" select "video" then you will see the turtle icon on the pengauran above the screen, touch the turtle and you're ready to record video "slow motion".

If you want to edit the video "slow motion" that have been recorded, simply turn back the video. Later you'll see options for changing the speed of the video you've recorded earlier. It's easy?


Lumia 930, 1520 and 950 Windows 10 Mobile



Download Link ;

"Windows Camera" For Lumia Windows 10 Mobile"

How to Downgrade Windows 10 to 8.1 in Lumia

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 How to Downgrade Windows 10 to 8.1 in Lumia
Already had tried Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones and want to return to Windows Phone 8.1? You can downgrade to use Windows Phone software Recovery Tool. Here's how to downgrade from Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones.
How to Downgrade:

  • Download Windows Phone Recovery Tool here
  • Run the installation process to finish
  • Open the application after installation is complete 
  • Your Lumia connect with a USB cable, follow the following instructions. If Your Lumia not detected, select the "My phone was not detected".

Downgrade process is approximately the same as using the Lumia Recovery Software Tool. You can backup important data before running the downgrade process. This application will download the Windows Phone 8.1 software, and installing automatically after downloads are complete. Usually measuring about 1.5 GB - Lumia depending on the type you use.

How to Downgrade Windows 10 to 8.1 in Lumia

In addition, you can also change the look and proxy application by clicking on the three dots in the bottom right, then go to Settings. Accents and theme colors can be changed according to taste.

How to Downgrade Windows 10 to 8.1 in Lumia

Welcome back using Windows Phone 8.1. You can wait until Windows 10 for Phones final version is released.

Sumber: Microsoft
 Source : Microsoft

Sumber: Microsoft

Sumber: Microsoft

Default SystemUI.apk Stock Rom Nokia X2DS

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Have you ever modify systemUI.apk on Nokia X2DS. And you forgot to back up the file systemUI.apk. You do not worry because I'll share it in this post.

Default SystemUI.apk Stock Rom Nokia X2DS

So just click on the download link below and you get the files you are looking for. 

Download Link ;
sytemUI.apk Nokia X2DS

Specifications of Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Windows 10 Mobile

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Unlike the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL is also the flagship Windows Mobile from Microsoft's 10 has capabilities and higher performance than the Lumia 950. Call processor and a larger screen, the battery capacity was greater to more camera features high.

Intrigued by the features and specifications of the Lumia 950 XL as well as its advantages as compared to Lumia 950? Here are the full specs taken from the Microsoft website News:
  • Software  
Software release: Windows 10
  • Prosesor
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810, 8 inti, 1800 MHz
  • Screen
5,7 '' - Quad HD (2.560 x 1.440) - TrueColor (24-bit/16 M), AMOLED, ClearBlack, 518 ppi
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
  • Lumia Color Profile
Glance Screen
  • Memori
Internal: 32 GB
Eksternal: Hingga 200 GB

Specifications of Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Windows 10 Mobile
  • Baterai
3340 mAh
  • Replaceable battery: Yes
  • Wireless charging
  • conectivity
Nano SIM
  • Konektor headset stereo 3,5 mm, Display Port lewat USB-C
USB 3.1
Bluetooth 4.1, NFC
Wi-Fi: WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, MIMO
Konektivitas seluler

  • Camera
Main Camera: 20 MP BSI PureView
Optik 6 lensa
5th-gen Optical Image Stabilization
Natural pixel processing
ISO hingga 12800
Size censor: 1/2,4 inci
F/apertur kamera: f/1,9
Triple LED RGB flash
Jarak fokus Camera: 26 mm
Jarak fokus minimal kamera: 10 cm
Front Camera : Full HD 5 MP sudut lebar f/2.4
  • Video Recorder
Resoluton front camera: 1080p (Full HD, 1.920 x 1.080)
Resolution Main Camera: 4K (3.840 x 2.160) 30 fps, 1080p hingga 60 fps
  • Sensor
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor
SensorCore -

Source ; microsot News
Watch out! Addiction to Use Mobile Can Disrupt Spinal Healthy

Watch out! Addiction to Use Mobile Can Disrupt Spinal Healthy

Edwar Ramadhan 7:38:00 PM
Mobile phones and gadgets is one thing that can never be separated from the life of modern man like this. In all daily activities, it could not be separated from the existence of a cell phone or gadget. But you know, play phones or gadgets that too much would be fatal to the health of the spine. Moreover, if the play has been performed since the mobile phone is still a very early age or children.

Several recent studies reveal if playing phones or gadgets can make the spine is damaged and vulnerable to various health problems. Quoted from page, a spine specialist in New South Wales, Dr. James Carter revealed that this time there was an increase damage to the spine. Even more surprising, the damage suffered by adolescents and children of school age. This in itself is a cause of damage to the influence of a cell phone or gadget. And for doctors Carter, this case has been a very serious case.

Watch out! Addiction to Use Mobile Can Disrupt Spinal Healthy
Neck bones were disturbed because most mobile games | Photo: Copyright

According to Dr. Carter, the influence of the phone was not only spark spinal damage only. Furthermore, the mobile phone could also cause damage to the spine to the neck bone. If you have this, this can be a heavy influence on the happy hormone endorphin release. Dr. Carter said "This condition is called 'the neck'. The habit bowed his head when he saw the phone for hours at a time, this triggers the extensive damage to the spine of the human body, spine and neck bones."

The researchers say if the mobile phone play, everyone can spend at least 4 hours or more a day. Then, within one year only, to play a mobile phone, a person can spend at least 1,400 hours in a year to head down staring at the phone. Normally, the human head weighs only 5-5 kg. But, when his head down at an angle of 15 degrees, the neck could bear the brunt of equal 12:25 kg. Alternatively, a heavier burden if menunduknya too low.

[ Unroot ] Uninstall SuperSU on Nokia X2 Dual SIM

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Root activity is can lost guaranteed from device. but dont worry we can uninstal its with easy. If you root the system of Nokia X2DS with SuperSU and SU binaries. we can unroot its with this method.

we jut need laptop or pc device and USB Data cable to doing this methosd. please follow instruction below ;

 1. Download and install Advance X2 Tool
2. Connect Device to PC
3. Follow this tutorial video below

[ Root ] Install SuperSU On Nokia X2DS

Edwar Ramadhan 6:07:00 PM

Hi. X2 Dual SIM User

Now i will share to you tips and trick about root system Nokia X2 Dual SIM. We need PC or Laptop to do this method. This tutorial is use Advace X2 Tool V5,20.

Note ; Root Device is can make your device guaranteed lost

Please follow this trick carefully ;

1. Download and install Advance X2 tool

2. Connect device to Computer With USB data Cable

3. To update SuperSU You must Install CWM/ TWRP recovery first

3. Follow tutorial video

Remove Google Playstore on Nokia X2 Dual SIM From any Method

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Many tips and trick spreads in the internet. about install Gapps on Nokia X2ds and when we found new trick and want to reinstall google playstrore we must uninstall it from device.
Remove Google Playstore on Nokia X2 Dual SIM From any Method

Some times other trick not availabe to uninstall GApps and google Playstore from device. So i will share to you how to remove Gapps from device. please follow this instruction below ;

1. Download and install Advance X2 Tool
2. USB Data Cable
3. Follow tutorial video below
4. Reinstall Google Playstore 

Install Google PlayStore For Nokia X2 DS New Update

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Install Google PlaStore On Nokia X2DS New Update

Hi Nokia X2 DS user, i have good new for you, all user Nokia X2 Dual SIM.We can install Google Playstore without any conection error isssues with previous tool. So that we can install all android app from google play in Nokia X2 Dual SIM

The New Tool is named Advance X2 Tools. it has many option to customization such as install and remove google playstore, SuperSU ( Rooting), custom recovery ( TWRP, CWM) and many others.

Now i will share to you how to install Google Playstore on Nokia X2DS with Advance x2 tools.
1. Download and install Advance X2 tools
2 USB data cable

1.Activate USB Debugging ! Go to setting developer option, choose USB debugging, switch on it.
2. Connect Device to PC or laptop with usb data cable
3. Run Advance X2 Tools
4. We must select The number 1 for install drivers. Remember ! this proses only at first time. if you have installed it before, skip this proses. Type the number 1 and then press ENTER.
5. The Next. select the number 2. type it and press ENTER to execution.  Please wait during installation done. and restart it.

 If you still confused, i have create the tutorial video on youtube below ! please watch it carefully !
 If any damage or any wrong way. its all your Own Risk.

Advanced Nokia X2 Tool V5.20 by Ali Beyaz aka Symbuzzer @xda

Advanced Nokia X2 Tool V5.20 by Ali Beyaz aka Symbuzzer @xda

Edwar Ramadhan 5:26:00 PM

Advanced Nokia X2 Tool is yet another toolkit which supports RM-1013 and RM-1014 variants, Stock and CM11 roms with full mouse control for:
  • flashing PhilZ Touch, CWM and TWRP custom recovery via adb or fastboot 
  • flashing TWRP Nokia X2 Edition custom recovery via adb or fastboot 
  • flashing any custom recovery by selecting file via adb or fastboot 
  • flashing stock recovery via adb or fastboot 
  • deodexing system 
  • odexing system 
  • rooting, installing SuperSu and SU binaries 
  • un-root 
  • installing minimal gapps for running Google Play Store on system or data 
  • removing gapps 
  • unbricking soft brick and bootloops 
  • flasing insecured kernel via adb or fastboot 
  • flashing stock kernel via adb or fastboot 
  • fixing Facebook and Messenger login issues on CM11 
  • installing ADB, fastboot and MTP drivers 
  • installing QPST drivers for changing/fixing IMEI 
  • running QPST mode for changing/fixing IMEI 
  • creating imei.qcn file
  • erasing IMEI 
  • wiping data and dalvik cache 
  • viewing live logcat 
  • removing brick-trap (packageverifier.apk) 
  • removing Nokia's DRM spyware (autosms.apk) 


Source ;

Download Komika Text Font For Nokia X2 Dual SIM

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Komika Text Font is like as comic font. its make your device view so smooth interface. Feel difference experience UI. I have make tutorial How to change Fonts On Nokia X2 Dual SIM .

Download Komika Text Font For Nokia X2 Dual SIM
Download Link : Komika Text Font For Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Download Roboto Font Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Edwar Ramadhan 5:58:00 PM
Roboto Font is commonly use by google for default android font. So if you miss with default android font. i will share to you below. you must install it manually with root explorer aplication. how to do this you can read our previous article How to change Fonts On Nokia X2 Dual SIM. 

Download Roboto Font Nokia X2 Dual SIM
Download Link : Roboto Font Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Download Walkway Font For Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Edwar Ramadhan 5:51:00 PM
Once of nice font for most likely its Walkway font. You can change your default font of Nokia X2DS with Walkway font . it can make you different experience. so learn how to do this. you can visit our post How to change Fonts On Nokia X2 Dual SIM. 

Download Caviar Dream Font For Nokia X2DS

Edwar Ramadhan 5:42:00 PM
Hi. Nokia X2DS Users.

We can make customization especially font for your Nokia X2DS. before i have made this tutorial. How to change Font on NOKIA X2DS but now i will share Caviar Dream font. its can make your Nokia X2DS more excited.